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Team Browser is a free web browser app with unique team sharing feature. Experience a fast, smart, and handy web browser! You can use it by yourself or with family, friend, and team members. Say goodbye to slow browser and upgrade to latest smart web browser today!

Share the bookmarks and reading lists
Create a team and invite people to join your team! You do not need to send them URL for webpage via email or messenger. Just add it on bookmark or reading list for your team. 
Your private bookmarks and reading lists are not being shared. Only ones that you added on your team will be shared.

Write a memo 
You do not need to send the URL and comment separately. Just write a memo to quickly send a message to your team members. 

Intuitive and Straight forward UI and UX 
TM Browser is simple and easy to use. All basic features are upgraded! There are bookmarks and reading lists to save websites and visit them again. Frequently visited websites will helps you to conveniently access websites. 

If you want both private and open web browser, here is one for you.
There are browsers which allow you to share the bookmarks with others. But what if you don’t want to share ALL of your browsing history and bookmarks? Download TM Browser today.

More about About Team Browser : 
Homepage : http://teammobile.io
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shareTeamMobile/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/TeammobileI
Contact : contact@teammobile.io


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