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THE INNER FIX is a unique and practical step-by-step programme to help you dramatically improve your relationships, feel more confident and satisfied with your work, confront your financial blocks and become the best version of yourself - both inside and out.

THE INNER FIX is guaranteed to teach you how to stop worrying and start living, and this essential companion app will help you do just that.

With our lives being overrun by social media and celebrity culture, being twenty-something has become pretty complicated. Wanting things we can't afford, finding ourselves stuck in a job we don't enjoy, or still living at home with mum and dad, we reach for things to try to perk us up (sex, booze and drugs) - but eventually, they turn out to be the very things that bring us down.

Write in your app journal every day and make use of the daily Mood Tracker and inspirational videos. Once you’ve worked through the free exercises from Part I of THE INNER FIX, you can move on to Parts II and III, including calming meditations and your personal daily Expenses Tracker.

- Exercises from The Inner Fix book to follow at your own pace, in a handy space
- Daily journaling space
- Calming meditiations to guide you to your inner fix
- A personal Expenses Tracker to help you keep an eye on your money day to day.
- Record your mood throughout the day and review your progress with the free Mood Graph


- Inspirational videos encouraging you to find your own inner fix
- A host of other resources, from recommended reading to music playlists

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