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theQoos delivers Kpop news, photos, memes and music your way. Select your favorite kpop groups and idols to follow and theQoos will create a personalized feed of content to keep you connected. We can even recommend trending artists and content just for you! theQoos is your gateway to the Kpop universe.
Interact with other fans and see what content is the most popular with the community!
We are your *NEW* favorite Kpop app!
◆ Choose Your Favorite Groups and Idols to Follow
- View content from over 89 of your favorite selected kpop groups such as BTS,
STRAY KIDS, (G)I-DLE, BIGBANG, iKON, JAY PARK & ALL your favorite KIdols - as well as have access to their albums and music videos
◆ Find All your kpop needs in one place on all your kpop artists
Content aggregated from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, news sites, official artist accounts and fan-made
Stay up-to-date on the latest kpop news and content from trending news, fan-made posts, artists schedules and albums as well theQoos’ own original and curated content
◆ Chat and make friends with other kpop fans like yourself
Check out other fan profiles: “Follow” them, DM and create group chats
◆ Drama-free Community in an enjoyable kpop universe
- Create & share all kinds of entertaining K-Pop content with theQoos community to discuss with other fans. Discover all kinds of content based on fun interest categories from all of our users.
◆ Create short videos called “Flicks” and communicate with idols
- Use the “Flicks” feature to share short, fun videos including your favorite K-Pop moments. Use the Q&A Flicks feature and submit questions to your favorite idols and get a video message from LOONA, KARD’s BM & more!
◆ Enjoy kpop Quizzes & Polls
- Participate in quizzes & polls and test other fans’ kpop knowledge or have them vote on your favorite topics
- You can create your own polls and quizzes around topics that can include popular kpop ringtone, wallpaper, memes, etc.
◆ Join all of our weekly contests and win prizes
- From signed albums, merch and gift cards, join all of our weekly contests and win prizes every day!
◆ Archive all of your favorite kpop content into your own personal library
- Save all of your favorite content and community posts and have access to it from your profile. Share your favorite content with your friends anywhere.
※ If you have any feedback or questions, please email feedback@theqoos.com
We will continue to grow with your feedback and will try our best to provide you with the best service

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버전 1.0.0

New in this version:
* Fixed bug issues
* App optimization

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46개의 평가

46개의 평가

dreamingcoco ,

Finally Something Cool

All the news websites are quite boring but theQoos seems more personalized, organized and have much of a younger vibe. Also the content isnt really the same as the other services making it stand out. Became a fan right away 👏🏻

c.wax ,

Anazing app!

The app is amazing👌🏽Easy to sign up and access information. Plus content loads really quickly!

무명수강생 ,

An awesome app to follow k-pop stories

Convenient way to follow and get updated for what’s going on with my favorite k-pop stars

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