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Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Within the hour, you’ll have everything off your mind and neatly organized—from routine tasks to your biggest life goals—and you can start focusing on what matters today.

“Things offers the best combination of design and functionality of any app we tested, with nearly all the features of other power user applications and a delightful interface that never gets in the way of your work.”
—Wirecutter, The New York Times


• Your To-Dos
Your basic building block is the almighty To-Do—each a small step toward a great accomplishment. You can add notes, tag it, schedule it, and break it down into smaller steps.

• Your Projects
Create a Project for any big goal, then add the to-dos to reach it. Use headings to structure your list as you outline your plan. There’s also a place to jot down your notes, and a deadline to keep you on schedule.

• Your Areas
Create an Area for each sphere of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance, and so on. This keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture as you set your plans in motion.

• Your Plan
Everything on your schedule is neatly laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists, which show your to-dos and calendar events. Each morning, see what you planned for Today and decide what you want to do. The rest is down to you :)


As you dive deeper, you’ll find Things packed with helpful features. Here are just a few:

• Reminders — set a time and Things will remind you.
• Repeaters — automatically repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
• This Evening — a special place for your evening plans.
• Calendar integration — see your events and to-dos together.
• Tags — categorize your to-dos and quickly filter lists.
• Quick Entry — create to-dos from anywhere, as soon as the thought hits you.
• Quick Find — instantly locate to-dos, headings, or tags.
• Type Travel — jump from list to list with your keyboard; just start typing!
• Widgets — see your lists in Notification Center.
• Mail to Things — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do.
• Markdown — structure & style your notes.
• And much more!


Things is tailored to the Mac with deep system integrations as well. A great example is Quick Entry with Autofill: a shortcut that grabs content from other apps and adds it to Things for you, such as a link to a website or an email you want to get back to.

You can also enjoy a beautiful dark mode at sunset, connect your calendars, enable widgets, use your Mac’s Touch Bar, import from Reminders—Things can do it all! There’s even Shortcuts integration if you want to automate your workflows.


Things has full-featured apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch as well (sold separately). All your devices sync seamlessly via our free Things Cloud service. It’s great to have everything at your fingertips when you need it!


Made in Stuttgart, with two Apple Design Awards to its name, Things is a fine example of German engineering: designed not only to look fantastic, but to be perfectly functional as well. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, then polished to perfection.

“It’s like the unicorn of productivity tools: deep enough for serious work, surprisingly easy to use, and gorgeous enough to enjoy staring at.”


Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, Things can help you get there. Install the app today and see what you can do!

Visit our website now and get a free 15-day trial for your Mac:

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We provide professional support and will be glad to help you!

새로운 기능

버전 3.15.16

• Enhanced the Add to Things share extension (e.g. in Safari): it can now grab a webpage’s title and text selection.
• Improved performance when duplicating to-dos and projects.
• Improved pasteboard content clean-up when pasting into lists.
• Fixed a bug where back-arrow navigation could fail after entering a project via Return/Enter.
• Fixed a bug where, in a rare circumstance, an orphaned heading could be created as a result of a sync merge.
• Fixed a bug where default tags could get out of sync.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if Things tried to sync while a repeating to-do was being configured.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when copying or dragging a to-do with no title.
• Fixed a crash that occurred in the popover management system.
• Various internal model improvements.


This is our big update for macOS 12 Monterey with two headline features: integration with Apple’s new Shortcuts app for Mac and wide-reaching performance improvements in Things. We’ve also improved support for international keyboards, added time-sensitive notifications, and more.


Things for Mac now has full integration with Apple’s Shortcuts app. Use it to make templates for things you do regularly, create to-dos with pre-filled content, quickly view your lists, and more. Check out our support pages for some tips to get started:

Any shortcuts you’ve already created on iPhone or iPad will simply work on macOS 12 Monterey once you upgrade.


Over the past months we’ve put a ton of work into improving performance. This involved a massive unification of Mac & iOS code and a redefinition of how lists operate under the hood. The resulting speed boost will be most noticeable for those with very large databases and many projects, but the app will be generally snappier for everyone.

There were also a few situations where Things would behave differently on Mac & iOS. As an added benefit, our work on code unification eliminates such quirks, providing a more consistent experience across devices.


With the release of macOS 12 Monterey and iPadOS 15, keyboard shortcuts can adapt to your specific keyboard layout. Apple’s own apps have adopted this behavior on Mac and iPad, and we’ve now built it into Things.

If you have a US keyboard, your shortcuts won’t change. On non-US layouts, shortcuts involving letters will mostly stay the same. Shortcuts involving special characters will now be easier to type, and some that were previously impossible to use can now be typed for the first time!

To see the new shortcuts for your keyboard layout:
• On Mac, simply browse the app’s menu or go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts.
• On iPad, hold down the Cmd key.


• Widget customization: You can now choose which list the “+” button saves to.
• Time-Sensitive notifications: Things’ notifications always get through, even in a Focus mode, so you never miss anything important.
• Quick Note integration: After viewing one of your lists in Things you can switch to Apple Notes and click the “Add Link” button there.
• Import from Reminders: The new Tags are now imported (if a tag doesn’t exist in Things, it will be created).
• System Services: To-dos and list contents are now passed to the Services menu as text.

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