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=== 100% Free - The Best Database Management GUI for ===
=== SQLite, MS SQL Server, MariaDB, MongoDB, mySQL, PostgreSQL and Valentina databases ===

Valentina Studio brings you powerful, visual editors for your data including:
* Schema Editor (tree view and column view) - create and modify all schema objects of supported databases: Tables, Views, Fields, Enums, Links, Constraints, Triggers, Indexes, Stored Procedures, ...
* Diagram Editor - design new diagrams or do reverse engineering, e.i explore existing databases visually.
* Data Editor - easily browse table records in the grid, modify records, an inline edit of values, sort, filter records and save favorite filters, preview images, hex editors for binary values, ...
* Related Data Editor - easily learn and manage linked records of two tables, link/unlink records by a mouse click, do set operations over linked records, ...
* SQL Editor - with color syntax, auto-completion, recent and saved favorite queries, templates, console with error/warning reporting, ...
* Query Editor - build SQL queries visually using just a few mouse clicks
* Server Admin - where you can manage users, learn logs and other parameters of servers.

Open as many editors as you like at the same time for different databases/servers opened in tab-panels. You also get different DB-related utilities, including Import/Export, Dumps, Diagnose, Clone and Reindex, ...

Valentina Studio uses iCloud to share bookmarks between your devices!

*** See also: Valentina Studio Pro ($199 only) ***

Get Valentina Studio Pro as an in-app purchase (pay only once) to get additional advanced pro-features such as:

* Report Editor - visual editor of Valentina Reports that can be saved into Valentina Project file (.vsp). Reports can use as datasource MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Valentina DB, ODBC.
* Form Editor - visual editor of Valentina Forms that can be saved into Valentina Project file (.vsp). Forms can use all supported databases as the datasource.
* Data Editor - enables go to parent record function.
* Data Editor Layouts - save columns and their order as a named layout
* Data Editor Multiple Update - update few records at once.
* Data Transfer - copy data between different databases
* Diagram Editor - enables forward engineering - i.e. generation of SQL scripts for new/changed database objects.
* Dump Wizard - enables filter for tables to select them for a dump.
* Error Lookup - search for error description by its code.
* Keyboard Shortcuts - enables the ability to redefine the shortcuts and create own shortcut sets.
* Object Colors - enables marking objects with specific colors.
* Query Editor - enables the ability to copy the generated query.
* Schema Cache - save and reuse the schema cache.
* Schema Editor - copy one or few schema objects using drag&drop mechanism.
* Schema Editor - expanding and collapsing the tree items with subitems using OPTION + click
* Schema Snapshot - save and load schema in structured format.
* Source Control - develop database using any VCS.
* SQLDiff - find differences between two states of a databases and generate SQL script to move between these states.
* SQL Search - search of schema objects.
* SQL Editor - format SQL queries.
* SQL Editor - edit the result of SQL queries.
* SQL Editor - use bind parameters in SQL queries.

*** See also: Valentina Studio Single ($79.99 only) ***

Get Valentina Studio Single as an in-app purchase (pay only once) to get additional advanced pro-features for a single database engine, except for Valentina Project development functionality (reports, forms, JavaScript).

새로운 기능

버전 13.5.2

* [Report Editor] Implemented reports for MongoDB databases. The source query can be defined in JSON or JavaScript forms.
* [Report Editor] Source queries can be defined using JavaScript code. This allows JavaScript to build a set of data and produce a report.
* [Report Editor] The content of text controls (text field, expression field, label) can be printed on multiple pages if it doesn't fit on one page.
* [ValentinaDB] Deterministic levels for UDFs.
* [MongoDB] JavaScript can be used to query databases; previously, only JSON was available.
* Database Documentation Generator: a special project that produces a report with a description of all major DB objects. Based on Valentina Reports, it works for ValentinaDB, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.
* [FREE] version users can adjust the datasource and generate predefined reports without modifications.
* [PRO] owners can tune the .vsp project to their needs.
* Valentina Studio can now show useful tips about its features.

* [Data Editor][PostgreSQL] The Data Editor filter is now case-insensitive by default (similar to other engines).
* [Data Editor] Improved performance, especially for DateTime values.
* [Data Editor] The Refresh button reapplies the filter if it was applied before.
* [Schema Editor] Bookmarks are not shown in the left panel by default; this can be changed in the preferences. Bookmarks are now available in the main toolbar, in the new button with a menu.
* [Schema Editor] When you connect to a DB Server and see a list of databases, there is no need to double-click a database to open it because Valentina Studio considers all databases always opened.
* [Schema Editor] Sizes are shown in the Property Inspector as KiB, MiB, etc.
* [Schema Editor] Column View:
* On the right side of the column header, you can see the counter now.
* For Databases/Schemas, you can see two counters to easily understand how many objects are hidden.
* Each column now has “dynamic” buttons that are shown only when the mouse cursor is moved over the column header.
* Different columns may have different sets of buttons.
* Button “+” opens a dialog to create an object of the corresponding type.
* Button “Search” - displays the SEARCH-FILTER in the column header.
* Button “Options” - displays a dialog where you can choose which Database/Schema to display and which to hide.
* [SQL Editor] 'Default Schemas' menu choices are saved to prefs and restored on the next start.
* [SQL Editor] Implemented background reloading of identifiers when needed.
* [SQL Editor] Ident Resolver now recognizes Valentina Report parameters $P() and $P!().
* [SQL Editor] Ident Resolver - PostgreSQL-style of type-casting 'ident::type' now is recognized. Affects PostgreSQL and ValentinaDB.
* [SQL Editor] Ident Resolver - is refreshed on changes in the 'Default Schemas' menu.
* [SQL Editor] Ident Resolver - added recognition of the query of type SELECT schema.funcName() for databases with schemas.

* [ValentinaDB] Fixed a crash in SHOW command in some cases.
* [ValentinaDB] Fixed comparing the result of the LEFT function using '=' operator.
* [MySQL] Skip adding precision and scale to SQL definition of the floating-point type fields if unnecessary.
* [Query Editor] Fixed control duplication after dragging a table from the related tables list to the Query Editor scene.
* [Dump][MySQL] Fixes for the option to disable and enable keys in the dump file.
* [Report Editor] Fixed setting font size to 12 pt from the Report Editor toolbar.
* [Report Editor] Fixed duplication of the subreport column header in some cases.
* [Data Editor] Fixed row filter - entered values of the active filter are visible after leaving the cell.
* [Data Editor][PostgreSQL] Fixed showing NULL values for the timestamp.
* [Schema Editor][PostgreSQL] Fixed refresh of links and functions.

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6개의 평가

6개의 평가

Jonynature ,

너무 잘 쓰고 있습니다.

맥에서 DB관리할 때 너무나 좋아요~

그런데.... 모하비에서 한글 입력 시 다운됩니다.

김광석 ,

mysql 관리에 썼는데 자주 다운 되요

다운 되서 못 쓰겠더라고. 그리고 좀 느리고

히히히히히히히히히히헤 ,


알게 된 후로 이것만 써요. 제공하는 기능도 디비도 많고..
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