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VigurFit is a workout tracker that helps you to adjust workouts and keep up to date with the progress at the gym. Also, the application allows you to record and control your body measurements.

Workout log is necessary for everyone who is serious about progress at the gym and wants to achieve the goals. Maintaining a workout log can be one of the most impactful things you can do for your own training. Thanks to a workout log you can track and analyze your results at the gym, view progress and statistics for each exercise, and view the results of past workouts to monitor your achievements. Writing down your fitness past, present, and future puts you in a position to repeat successes, build on them, and find out what has not worked - then avoid those paths to failure.

In addition, thanks to a body measurements log you can control your weight and all body sizes, which is essential for the achievement of your goals - whether it is fat loss or muscle building. Tracking your body measurements can be crucial for getting in shape.

VigurFit also let you to pick up one of the pre-installed workout programs developed by professional athletes and achieve your goals in the best way.

Main VigurFit features:

Exercise Database
- Detailed exercise instructions with a growing library of photos and animations
- Display of previous results and progress graphs for each exercise
- Advanced exercise filtering capabilities to easily find what you need
- Possibility to view the last used exercises, the most popular exercises, add to favorites, and create custom exercises as well

Workout Program Database
- Contains a default list of professional workout programs
- Possibility to create your own detailed workout programs

Workout Tracker
- Display of workout history
- Advanced workout filters to easily find a needed workout
- Display of the workout status, possibility to cancel a workout
- Convenient display of results
- Display of the best result and difference with previous workout
- Automatic 1RM value calculation
- Support for supersets, drop sets, warm-up and failed sets, possibility to add comments as well
- Possibility to add/remove and move exercises during workout
- Possibility to add one exercise several times
- Display of previous results and progress graphs for each exercise
- Rest timer
- Possibility to migrate data from a previous workout
- Tracking the workout duration and burned calories
- Sync with Apple Health

- Display of the workouts, body measurements and comments on the calendar
- Possibility to mark workouts with different colors on the calendar
- Possibility to add workouts, body measurements and comments for the selected date

Body Measurements
- Tracking changes of the body parameters (weight, chest circumference, arms circumference, etc)
- Display of body parameters changes history
- Possibility to add a photo showing your progress on the gym
- Possibility to compare photos of different periods

- Possibility to set goals for workouts
- Possibility to set goals for body measurements
- Tracking the status of your goals

- Display of the many user-friendly and detailed graphs that help to keep track of results and adjust workouts

Terms of use: https://sites.google.com/view/vigurfit/terms-of-use

If you have any feedback then email please to vigurfit@gmail.com.


Bohdan Vihurskyi

iOS 11.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


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  1. 1 Month Subscription ₩1,200
  2. 6 Months Subscription ₩5,500
  3. 1 Year Subscription ₩8,000


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