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Stay Pawsitively Hydrated with iHydrate!

You're purr-fectly aware of the need to drink more water. Allow us to make it a whisker easier!

*** As featured in TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Yahoo News, Engadget, and AppAdvice! ***

• Tailored Reminders: Gentle nudges throughout your day, so you don't fur-get.
• Pawsome Challenges: Dive into 9 healthy quests and prove your prowess!
• Cattastic Collection: Meet and fill up 70+ adorable Characters.
• Unleash your hydration vibes with our splash-tastic iHydrate stickers – perfect for iMessage, WhatsApp, and all your social sips!
• Seasonal Friends: Get Ready for Special Seasonal Characters.
• Lap it Up: Record your sips from 20+ popular beverages.
• Cat-chy Apple Watch App: Stay hydrated on the go.
• Whisker Widgets: Fresh additions to your home screen.
• Monthly Hydration Events: In-app purr-ties to keep things fresh.
• Achieve Hydration Purrfection: Aim for the longest streak and flaunt it.
• Purr-sonal Highlights: Shareable recap illustrations of your daily triumphs.
• Crafted Just Fur You: Water goals based on your weight, activity, and local weather.
• Mix It Up: Design your signature beverages.
• Look Back, Leap Forward: A hydration history calendar that purr-serves memories.
• Apple Health Sync: Seamlessly integrated for the modern kitty.
• Measure in Style: Oz/Ml units at your disposal.

Why Wet Your Whiskers?

• Unleash purr-fect skin and shed those extra pounds.
• Boost mood and productivity – no more cat-napping during work!
• Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to energized playtimes.
• Keep that heart purring smoothly and brain razor-sharp.
• Balance and regulate – it's the cat's meow of health!

The iHydrate Experience

Pawsibly the simplest, yet most fun way to track your hydration. Embark on health challenges that will inspire you to opt for water, and even assist with intermittent fasting. Too busy chasing your tail? Our reminders ensure you hydrate well before thirst strikes. With algorithms calibrated for every cat-walk of life – be it a lively kitten, mature tomcat, expecting queen, or nursing mama – iHydrate knows just the right amount you need.

Hydration is the secret sauce behind every cat's nine lives. Let iHydrate remind you to sip wisely and maintain that fluid balance. With consistent hydration, expect improved focus, more effective workouts, stable moods, and a paw-sitive outlook. Curate a healthier routine, spot all your logged drinks, and keep your hydration game strong with our intuitive calendar.

What's Free in iHydrate? A plethora of features to track intake, set reminders, calculate goals, personalize your drink log, and much more.

Paws Up for Premium: Unlock 70+ characters, dive into fresh new challenges, discover 20+ beverages, customize reminders, and access a fountain of exclusive features. These are available via subscription or a one-time purchase. Manage your subscription and restore past purchases easily within the app.

Sip Responsibly with iHydrate!

Before you embark on your hydration journey, it's purr-tinent to get acquainted with our terms and privacy policies. We value your trust and work diligently to ensure your data is kept safe and your rights respected.

For a detailed rundown of our terms: www.ihydrateapp.com/terms
Your privacy is paramount. Discover how we protect it: www.ihydrateapp.com/privacy

Found a Bug or Got a Feline Feature in Mind?

We're all ears! Our team thrives on feedback and is always ready to pounce on improvements. If you stumble upon a glitch, have a purr-fect idea, or simply want to share your hydration journey, drop us a line at support@cloforce.com. Our dedicated support team is eager to assist and ensure your experience is nothing less than meow-tastic!

Stay pawsitively hydrated and purr-oudly healthy with iHydrate!

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버전 2.1.2

Paws up, hydration heroes! Our latest update is purr-fect for keeping your water goals on track. Introducing the iHydrate Watch App – your furry friend for hydration, right on your wrist!

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