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Are you an avid traveler?
Are you always keen on sharing your personal travel experiences?
Do you like researching about places you want to travel to?

If you are someone who does this then Yippee is the place where you can instantly journalize your travelgram and seek an authentic experience of a social travel app.

Yippee app has been created keeping the travel junkies and wanderers in mind.
It lets you discover new destinations, follow different people, make new memories and allows you to share it with the whole world!

Everything you need to know about Yippee:

Connect with like-minded adventure seekers and make your travel journal easy-peasy with Yippee.

Easily record your adventures as beautiful timelines with photos, notes, maps and more. Highlight your fondest travel memories by turning them into beautiful photo trails in seconds. Create memories, collaborate with friends, and connect with travelers from all around the world!

Yippee allows you to log your travel diary whilst on the move, and share your journey with loved ones back home, and followers on Yippee. Make the most of your photos with Yippee now - it’s free.

You can now brag about all the countries you have explored. As you tag the locations you've visited a list of all the countries you have traveled will be created on your profile for the world to see.

Yippee makes travel blogging a pleasure, imagine a vacation that is journalized to showcase it to the world out there. See why life without Yippee is a distant memory for millions of travelers.
With its simple layout and user-friendly features, it lets you explore destinations that you haven't even been to without any privacy!

Now, you can not only share your travel moments but also make your travel profile ultimately connecting you with like-minded travelers. Your solo travel plan gets more fun and exciting as you may bump into travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

Say Yippee and know what an amazing experience it is to be.

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버전 3.1

Thanks for using Yippee! This release brings new:-

- This version include some bug fixes and UI improvements.

We update our application regularly to improve the experience for you. Get the latest version for all the updated features.



iOS 11.0 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.



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