About iPhone and iPad apps on Mac

A Mac with the Apple M1 chip can run many of your favourite iPhone and iPad apps, and you can download them right from the Mac App Store. Just look for the “Designed for iPhone” or “Designed for iPad” badge.

iPhone and iPad apps run side by side with your Mac apps.

Most iPhone and iPad apps are compatible with a Mac with M1, but some may not be available because they require capabilities unique to the iPhone or iPad. A developer may also choose to make their app unavailable on Mac.

“Not verified for macOS”

Some apps available on Mac may not function as they normally would on iPhone or iPad. For example, features that rely on hardware unique to iPhone or iPad – such as a gyroscope or a screen that supports complex Multi-Touch gestures – may not work on Mac. In some cases such a feature may be central to the app’s functionality, while in others the app may be usable without it.

If full functionality on Mac has not yet been verified, you’ll see “Not verified for macOS” next to the app’s icon.

The “Not verified for macOS” badge means full compatibility with the Mac has not been verified.

Developers are encouraged to verify that their app works properly on Mac. When they do so, this badge will be removed.