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There’s video editing, and then there’s Beatleap. We’re here to make the impossibly time consuming task of editing a video accessible in a few taps, and always at the tips of your fingers. Through vivid interactions and a playful editing experience, the game begins - and only you will determine your end destination.

Whether you’re mixing your next workout instruction video, boomeranging your last trip, enjoying the scenery, or just dancing it out with friends - we’re setting the rhythm of your life to video, and for the first time ever, it’s also intuitive.

With video editing driven by the music, the audio you choose determines the right moments for effects, styles, slowing down your video, or speeding it up. Beatleap delivers a new, powerful video editing experience, raising the bar of what anyone can create.

Make engaging, memorable videos in seconds and preserve your favorite moments in ways that fuel your creativity.

No more struggles to sort and find the best clips - you choose what you want to show, throw it in with the music you choose, and we’ll mix it up. Out comes a video a step above what you imagined, that tells your story - the funny ones, the adventurous ones, and all the bloopers in between. So what are you waiting for? Your next clip awaits!


- Pick the content you want in your video - the sky is the limit
- Watch your clip come alive as it syncs to the beat
- Tap around in a playground of mesmerizing effects


- Create incredible videos in just a few taps – no editing experience needed!
- Turn the best moments of your life into videos that you’ll never want to stop watching
- Immerse yourself in powerful video editing straight from your phone
- Have fun creating something funky!


- Add finishing touches with your filter of choice, from VCR and Glitch to Film
- Enhance the light in your video for an added wow-factor
- Explore and experiment – there’s no limit to the combinations of effects and styles you can use


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الإصدار 1.5.7

"مرحباً بكم مستخدمي Beatleap،

أردنا فقط أن نعلمكم أننا كنا نعمل خلف الكواليس لنجعل تجربة التحرير الخاصة بكم أكثر سلاسة.

هل تريد أن تخبرنا بأي شيء؟ تواصل معنا على:

مع تحياتنا،
فريق Beatleap"

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rhrhdufjf ،

Amazing but I wish the Crown thing is free but amazing

Its amazing

استجابة المطور ،

Happy to explain, you don't have to pay to use Beatleap! The app is free to download and has many features you can use however you like and at no cost. There are also Pro features that require making a purchase, but that's completely optional. If you feel Pro isn't for you, stick to the free tools only and you will be able to save any Project.

lado12 ،


I loved the app simple to use. If only I can use video sound as well as music it would me more interesting and would gave 5 star

استجابة المطور ،

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Black_piece ،


Good but if its with updated and trends songs would be better and perfect so i can give the app 3 star for that missed functions

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