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Learn how to make the best of the app’s multitasking possibilities.

Microsoft Word

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Were excited to announce that Microsoft Office 365 is now available on the Mac App Store – and your Office 365 subscription gives you full access to all features across any platform. To subscribe, just log in to any Microsoft Office app and upgrade.

The Microsoft Word brand has a reputation it takes years to earn. The word processing tool has been around since the early computing days.

But this isn’t your mum’s word processor: Word has been completely redesigned for the iPhone and iPad, and it makes distributing and sharing files between colleagues and platforms easy.

Drag and drop it

Word now has full drag and drop support on your iPad, meaning that you can drop a photo into your Word docs from Photos, for example, or drag and drop your finished Word files into Messages, to send them on.

Keep everyone on the same page with Microsoft Word’s sharing capabilities.

Collaboration is now simple, too. Share a link to your document saved to Microsoft's cloud storage platform, OneDrive, and others who want to view and edit your work can either access it through Word on their own platform, or in a web browser.

Real-time collaboration

Whether you’re editing in Word on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC, any change you make will sync within seconds, and you’ll be able to see where your collaborators are working − and the changes they’re making.

Word offers smart change tracking and conflict resolution, providing warnings if you’re in danger of overwriting a change.

This all means building a shared document is easier than ever with Word for iPhone and iPad.

    Microsoft Word

    Create and edit documents