Maintain your happily every after

“We’re married!”

When the knots are tied and the honeymoon phase is beaming brightly, most couples would no doubt bask in that blissful time in their relationship forever if they could. But when the memories of the big day start to retreat, maintaining “happily ever after” requires a little more thought, a little more effort and let’s face it, a little work.

Love: it’s great, it’s complicated and sometimes it can conquer all. And these apps will help keep that spark alight as you and your partner navigate what lies ahead.

Share peace of mind

When you keep your partner in the loop, you’ll also give them peace of mind. If you can’t respond to a message for a while or have to stay late at work, you can let them know what’s going on by sharing your calendar with the TimeTree app.

Use different colour stickers for work, home and important dates. When there’s an update to your calendar, your partner will be notified and the info will be shown on your Wall of Updates. One of the app’s key features is that each itinerary can have its own chat room where you can send comments or upload photos.

Getting yourselves on the same page makes organising your next date night a whole lot easier.

    TimeTree: Shared Calendar



Remember this

Forgetting about an anniversary won’t go down well, period. But remember it in time to organise a gift or dinner (without your partner having to drop hints) and you’ll earn yourself major brownie points.

Get there with Days Matter Air - Countdown. The app is nice and easy to use; enter the date of the event you want to remember and it will count down to it (try adding a widget so you can easily check your Notification Centre and see how many days are left to go). You might not be big on ceremony, but if it makes the one you love happy, then it’s all worth it.

    Days Matter Air - Countdown

    Countdown Your Important Days


Keep track of the best bits

There’s always the odd storm to weather in a relationship. When that happens, how do you settle things down? Well, you might find it helpful to remind yourself about all the amazing things you and your partner have done for each other!

Card Diary will help you record all those sweet, memorable moments you’ve shared together. It doesn’t have to be anything big, maybe you diarise things as simple as “He went to three different stores to find my favourite snack”. Or, “She planned a surprise dinner for me after a tough week”.

Each entry in the app is displayed as an exquisite card to which you can add photos and personalise with notes. Over time, those memories will add up to something much more significant than those tiffs over whose turn it is to take out the rubbish.

    Card diary - pretty journal

    Cards - store ideas easily


Make your own romcom

Time sure does speed by. And with so much going on we tend of focus mainly on all the special occasions, which is great. But it means we often don’t savour those small slivers of the day that can bring just as much happiness. 1 Second Everyday is perfect for recording those moments.

Launch the app and you’ll see lots of little boxes in a monthly calendar waiting to be filled with your videos. Just a few seconds of footage per day can turn into a feature-length documentary of your life.

You can film the videos yourself or ask the app to automatically access a video on the date in question from your Photos. Then slide or cut to edit the best of your everyday memories.

A pretty sunset here, a dinner with your partner there – the simplest things pieced together represent a life that’s uniquely yours. In this hectic world we could all do with a reminder that every day is memorable, especially when it’s shared with the one you love.

    1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

    Create your life movie