Writes like the real thing

Goodnotes 5 folds convenience into the feel of paper.

GoodNotes 5

Note-Taking & PDF Markup


There’s been a lot of talk about the paperless movement, but you’ve remained skeptical – especially when it comes to notetaking apps. The technology just isn’t there yet, you think. They either don’t write smoothly enough or the layouts aren’t user-friendly. And nothing beats the feel of a real pen on real paper, right?

GoodNotes 5 will convert you.

Of course, the most important thing is how it writes. Whether you’re using your finger or Apple Pencil, the app’s proprietary vector ink engine keeps every stroke feeling natural. Plus, the Zoom Window feature gives you even more creative freedom.

It kind of works like a treadmill for your pen: just keep writing towards the edge, and the window automatically scrolls back into frame. This way you don’t have to slow down to move to the next line – and risk losing your train of thought.

Goodnotes 5 allows you to customise your digital book with colourful covers.

This feature is not only useful on iPhone, but also super handy when coupled with Split View on iPad. Write in the window below while keeping track of your overall progress above at-a-glance.

If you just like the aesthetic of an old notebook, the app has you covered there, too. Customise your digital book with exquisite covers and useful page templates. Choose anything from single-lined paper to journal pages. Also, you can set page sizes and select portrait or landscape – whatever best fits your needs. Even import your own covers and page layouts. The result is a unique notebook you’ll want to pick up and write in.

GoodNotes 5 also packs a powerful search function. No more sifting through piles of scraps for important information. Instead, just input key words to scan your content. No matter if it’s typed, handwritten or a PDF, the app will find what you need, fast.

You can also organise your notes categorically. GoodNotes 5 allows for unlimited subfolders. If you want to create a Favourites list, just tap the star icon to add your notebooks or folders to it. Admit it, all those bookmarks, dog-eared corners and coloured tabs you used to keep track of things seem so primitive now, don’t they?

Another awesome time-saving feature is the Lasso tool. It not only will cut, copy and move any selection, but also instantly convert handwritten notes into tidy, typed text. Want to make changes? Edit and annotate your notes (even PDFs). Need to share it on another platform? Not a problem.

Go on, shelve your old notebook. With a tool like GoodNotes 5, now’s the time to turn over a new technological leaf.

    GoodNotes 5

    Note-Taking & PDF Markup