A feast for the eyes

Mmm, something smells delicious. With the entire family coming over, you know the food is going to be next-level tasty. After all, hosting family and friends for sumptuous home-cooked meals is memorable for everyone, whether you are the one behind the scenes in the kitchen, setting the table or calling the shots as the designated food photographer.

Nowadays, capturing the feast on camera comes before taking that first bite. Tuck in to these cooking and photo apps, and document a picture-perfect feast you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Appetiser 🥣

Let’s begin with a warm-up: soup. From Epicurious’ soup category, the Spiced Moroccan Vegetable Soup caught our eye because of its rich blend of ingredients. Tap on ‘add to shopping list’ so all the ingredients are on hand for your next shop. Once the soup is prepared, the garnish will be the element of focus when photographing the dish. Test out Fotograf’s Mattes 7 filter and watch the bright hues of the chickpeas and parsley pop, while the darker elements are dimmed.


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Main course🍗

Get an insight into family recipes with Kitchen Stories of Recipes,where the featured chefs share theirsecret sauces and cooking techniques. You can combine your love for pizza and chicken with their mouth-watering Chicken Parmesan recipe. The guided video is there to make sure you get that crisp, golden-brown effect just right. A key photo element in this dish is the cheese: use the Peach Tea filter from A Color Story’s essential filter pack to augment the soft sheen of your cheesy tomato sauce. Give it a go while we try and deal with this dangling string of melted cheese!

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Dessert 🥮

Time to seal the meal with a sweet treat. After devouring some intensely flavoured dishes, Simple Feasts Recipes’ Pine-Date-Grapefruit Cake was specially chosen to please your palate. Simple Feast’s minimalist design and photo stream may spark your culinary creativity when it comes to styling your dishes with their choice of place mat textures and plate colours. Add the final touch of powdered sugar and capture the dish’s contrasting colours using Retrica’sessential Suji filter.

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