Games to make you feel

Live the celebrity dream in these favourites.

We’ve all idly daydreamed about suddenly being whisked away into a world of superstar glamour, right?

Well, these five games allow you to live out that dream through the magic portal that is your iPhone or iPad. What a time to be alive!

Become a boy band’s BFF
In BTS World, you play as the K-pop band’s manager, helping them either get famous or lead completely different lives. One of these strange alternate realities involves Seok Jin becoming an “earnest yet bumbling hotel intern”. A bizarre and kind of brilliant peek into the world of pop superstardom.


    Become BTS's Manager!


Make like Messi
Superstardom comes in many flavours, and in Score! Hero you work your way up from the lower leagues to become a global footballing legend.

But only if your aim is true: in each puzzle-like matchday, you carefully swipe the screen to direct your pass, cross, header or shot to a teammate or into the net. It’s world class stuff, Trevor.

    Score! Hero

    Be The Hero!


Keep up with Kim
This breakthrough celebrity game is still going strong years after it first burst onto the scene.

In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood you create your character and choose which path to take from there. Whether you dream of being a style icon, actor, influencer, world traveller, serial dater or family-focused homebird, it’s all here, and you’ll do it all with the help of the Kim herself.

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood



Score a knockout with Norris
You don’t play this Chuck Norris game, this Chuck Norris game plays you.

Well, that’s partly true at least – this is one of those ‘idle’ games that keeps going in the background even when the app’s not open, so you rack up more and more points (and prizes) as time goes on.

So what do you do? Exactly what you should do in a Chuck Norris game: duff up an endless stream of hapless goons. Just tap the screen and trigger moves at the right times to maximise the damage you do.

    Nonstop Chuck Norris