Organise prose with Ulysses

Advanced decluttering for writers.


The ultimate writing app


Ulysses has a simple interface to help you focus on the written word, but it also has powerful features that will boost your efficiency. Here are five pro tips to get the most from of the app.

Key in keywords

Ulysses comes with advanced management functions, including keywords. Select a sheet, then click the paperclip icon in the top right corner (or press Command-4) to open the attachment pane. Attach a keyword by typing it into the text box.

A keyword can be anything that makes sense to you. You could, for example, tag sheets according to their progress status, like “Draft” or “Final”. Right-click on a keyword and you can assign it a colour to make it easier to spot.

To edit keywords, click Window > Keyword Manager or right-click on a keyword and choose Manage Keywords from the contextual menu. Delete or rename keywords in the manager; if you select multiple keywords you can merge them into one. You can also right-click on a keyword to customise its colour.

Press Shift-Command-K to go directly into the Keywords text box.

Set your filters

Filters are smart groups that narrow down your content according to specific criteria. When paired with keywords, they give you more clarity because you can filter texts according to their keywords. For example, you can set up a filter that lists all sheets tagged with the keyword “Draft”.

To create a filter, select New Filter in the File menu (or press Control-Command-N). Name the filter, then define its conditions. In addition to matching keywords, for example, you could filter for new sheets that are less than seven days old.

Ulysses’ filters let you sort by text, keywords, modification and creation date.

Manage lengthy text

It’s not easy keeping track of a long text block, but with Ulysses, you can split it into smaller portions. Using the sheet preview in Ulysses’ middle pane, you can easily rearrange parts of your text. Right-click in the text and select Split Here to turn one text into two. Merging various texts into one is just as easy: select the sheets, then right-click and choose Merge Sheets from the menu.


    The ultimate writing app