Asphalt 9’s most amazing stunts

Tap to watch unbelievable jumps and shocking shortcuts.

Drive up the thill-stakes with Asphalt 9: Legends – as this superb racing game lets you pull off some of the coolest tricks on four wheels. Here’s a quick taste of the mind-blowing manoeuvres skilled drivers can execute.

Spin and smash

‣ To reach the finish line first, sometimes you’ve gotta take your rivals out of the race. Inch up next to a competitor and double-tap to perform a 360-degree spin that’ll send them flying off the road. Time this move just right and you can knock out multiple cars in one whirl.

Get maximum air

‣ Launch off ramps to get a bird’s-eye view of each course and shave precious seconds off your time. For a bigger boost, hit nitro while you’re sailing through the skies and soar ridiculous distances – like over the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re really lucky, you might even land on another car and wreck the driver in the process.

Take a quicker route

‣ Ramps aren’t the only way to pull ahead of the pack. Keep an eye out for shortcuts offering faster routes through a course, whether it’s a detour up a mountain pass or a chance to barrel straight through an empty office building. All in a day’s work, eh?

Swerve and hug curves

‣ With windy roads come opportunities to drift, which both looks cool and charges up your nitro meter. You know you’re doing it right when – on Shanghai’s S-shaped streets, for example – you can use a series of huge drifts and timely nitro boosts to sling yourself into first place.

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