Don’t forget to ’waste’ time

Going to the gym, learning a new language or going for a run are all wholesome, admirable goals. But sometimes you have to stay at home binge-watching TV shows, curl up in bed with a beloved pet and space out with your phone.

Wasting time isn’t always wasteful: it can be a powerful tool in your self-care arsenal – giving you all-important time to recharge and regroup.

So, rather than feeling guilty about your lack of productivity, why not relax and see what these apps can do for you...

A little relaxation can be a big comfort

You’ve most likely heard of fitness trackers for running, hiking and biking. They’re all about getting sweaty.

But Couch Potato – Sit Tracker takes a different track. It tracks how often you take breaks. As you’d imagine, it's super easy to use. You barely have to lift a finger and the app will automatically calculate how long you’ve been inactive during the day.

    Couch Potato – Sit Tracker

    Health & Fitness


The joy of doing nothing

You’ve meticulously decorated your room with plants, books and paintings. Too bad you’ve been so busy that you haven’t actually had any time to enjoy it.

That’s where #SelfCare can help. In this game, the amount of time you spend with it doesn’t go toward XP or levelling up; it’s just there to help you manage anxiety in a safe, virtual space. Sometimes we need to be less focused on outcomes to shed our cares. Listen to the soothing music, take a deep breath and pet the little cat tucked in your virtual bed. You’re sure to find some relief.


    Let's stay in together.


Space out for a while

The first time you open up Inner Garden, you’ll probably have no clue what you’re doing. But that’s okay, just gaze at the falling leaf. As the soft music plays, you’ll notice the leaf rising in the air and the more you focus on it, the more the image comes to life. Concentrate and you’ll see different gardens slowly cycle through the four seasons.

We recommend you pick a lazy afternoon to while away the hours with Inner Garden; watch the dusk shadows dance across your window, listen to the birds chirp and the wind rustle. Perfect.

    Inner Garden

    a retreat of serenity