Extreme home makeover

There are two types of people: those who can’t help but stop when they pass by a furniture shop (daydreaming about where they’d put that sofa or hang that mirror), and those who just walk by.

For those who stop and admire and are eager to dip their toes into a little home design and renovation, these games will give you the full home-makeover experience.


My Home-Design Dreams and Home Design Makeover focus heavily on renovation, budgeting and expense tracking. The storytelling embedded in the games takes you through the entire renovation process. Once the lease is signed, you begin by revamping the floors, repainting and replacing the sofa. The fun starts in the living room where you play mini challenges and match-3 games to earn rewards and unlock the remaining rooms

    My Home - Design Dreams

    Design My Dream House


    Home Design Makeover

    Design your dream home


Real estate basics

Simulation game House Flip focuses on renovating dilapidated homes and putting them up for sale. Once the renovation is complete, offers start rolling in from multiple buyers. Tap on the buyer’s profile to view their proposed offer, marital status, preferred home style (contemporary or classic) and it’s up to you, the seller, to choose the offer that best suits your needs. The more houses you flip, the more contractors you can hire to increase productivity and capital.

    House Flip

    Design & renovation home game


Decorating and accessorising

Design Home takes a more realistic approach where you get to live the life of a lavish interior decorator. Enter live challenges to decorate homes in cities all around the world. Browse furnished homes to get inspired on what theme best reflects your style of decor.

Regardless of the choices you make, rewards are earned for Design Value and this is reflected by how aesthetically pleasing and well accessorised the final layout is. The goal is simple, the more rooms you decorate, the more luxurious your options and rewards are.

    Design Home: House Renovation

    Interior Decor Simulation Game