Which Angry Bird are you?

There’s a perfect game for every personality.

Whether you feel like getting back into Rovio’s feathery franchise, or you’re (gasp!) exploring these games for the first time, there’s a whole flock of games to choose from.

Figuring out which to play first can be daunting. Consult this guide to find the Angry Birds experience that best suits your personality.

Embrace the rage

Angry Birds 2 gives you all the troops you need to smash strongholds.

If, like Red, you’re a short-tempered born leader, go with Angry Birds 2. It’s a great place to take charge, flinging feathery troops at pig-filled forts. Determination (and the ability to stay angry!) pay off big-time when you’re braving hundreds of intricate puzzles.

    Angry Birds 2

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Ready to blow

Merge birds for bigger booms in Dream Blast.

On the other hand, if you feel an affinity for Bomb – the kind-hearted flocker who can’t help exploding – you’ll love Angry Birds Dream Blast. 

This gentle puzzler is all about bursting bubbles with a tap or detonating special baby birds that clear the field in one kaboom. With loads of fun power-ups and challenges, it’s positively dreamy.

    Angry Birds Dream Blast Game

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Tactical genius

Angry Birds AR gets you close enough to wave goodbye to those pesky pigs.

Are you sharp as a tack? Like the quick-witted engineering whiz Silver, you’ll go cuckoo for Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.

Through the magic of augmented reality, it plants those pesky pig forts in your own world so you can walk around each 3D structure and attack from every direction. Figuring out which beams to hit for maximum damage feels empowering in a whole new way.

    Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs