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To really communicate when you’re travelling abroad, you need to know how to say more than just “Where's the bathroom?” in the native language. Take these courses to learn how to interpret the local artwork, travel thoughtfully and create the perfect travel journal.

Appreciate local art

Whether you’re walking through a gallery or just exploring city streets, culturally significant artwork is all around you. Khan Academy’s excellent AP Art History class gives you the tools you need to look with a more informed eye – and push beyond your first impressions.

This course focuses on artistic techniques across civilizations – from Ancient Roman sculptures to contemporary “story quilts” that merge craft and folk art.

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Travel more thoughtfully

Writer and TV host Rick Steves gave a heartfelt and hilarious TED talk, “The Value of Travel,” about how exploring the world can transform you. It’s peppered with globe-trotting, thought-provoking anecdotes – including one about a traffic jam in Iran that gave him a new perspective on language – and wisdom (“Travel wallops my ethnocentricity”; “Fear is...for people who don’t get out very much”).


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Journal the Journey

Sometimes reliving the trip is the best part. This course helps you to not only to bring your travel writing to life but instill it with humour, thread experiences together, and do it all quickly.

Created by author Dave Fox, Udemy’s Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries offers a wealth of tips and tricks ranging from the practical (abandon perfectionism and write every day) to the counterintuitive (write about your trip before it happens).

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