Max - The Curse of Brotherhood


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic pen that could draw all your problems away? That’s the hook in this inventive adventure. Max’s enchanted marker can control nature, which gets him through a range of exciting scrapes.

Anyone with siblings will identify with the moment our young hero searches on the internet for ways to get rid of his annoying kid brother. But he’s horrified when the spell he finds actually works: a fearsome beast drags Felix through a portal, with a worried Max in hot pursuit.

Draw on the screen with your magic marker to interact with this lush world.

It’s a dangerous world, full of monsters and hazards, and Max has no weapons to defend himself. Luckily, his magic marker can be used to out-think these strong but stupid creatures: you can raise platforms from patches of glowing earth, lifting Max out of reach, or even tempt critters to walk onto your creations before collapsing them with a swipe of your finger.

As you explore these vibrant worlds, you’ll gain new abilities for the marker, which can be used and combined in ingenious ways: scribble a branch into existence and you can climb onto it, but it can also be cut down and rolled into gaps too large for to cross.

These worlds are handsome, but perilous – that big beastie in the background should not be underestimated.

Soon you’ll be able to conjure vines to swing from and tether to branches. And later you’ll find even more powerful elemental abilities that you’ll need to use equally creatively.

And there are nail-biting set-pieces, tense pursuits and some amazingly well-hidden secrets besides; Max is a well-crafted and surprisingly substantial adventure.

    Max - The Curse of Brotherhood