Meet Trevor, our pet Magikarp

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump



Magikarp is a famously terrible Pokémon. Yes, with a lot of work it can evolve into a mighty Gyrados, but most players who have encountered Magikarp will be more than familiar with its original, meeker form – a useless, flapping damp squib.

And yet. It is because of its undeniable rubbishness that Magikarp is so loved – adored enough for The Pokémon Company to build a whole game around it. Your task? Raise and train a string of Magikarps to become the highest jumpers in the land. Our current one is called Trevor. Here’s why we’re still playing it:

Gobbling up food is satisfying

Your Magikarp’s home is where alot of the action happens. Swipe to have a look around, tap on the floating food to feed your new pet and, later on, you can decorate the place. Other Pokémon drop by too, which means a boost to your stats.

See that jumping fish? That’s Magikarp, the most lovably ineffective Pokémon.

You get to train them like Rocky

In between feeding sessions, your task is to turn your Magikarp into a champion jumper. Training initially consists of flapping up against a sandbag or jump counter. Later, they’ll push a Dwebble along a beach a little bit or repeatedly hop into a tree. It’s all pleasingly strange.

Yes, that’s Magikarp flopping against a punching bag. Don’t ask, just enjoy.

The jumping contests are ridiculous

Once your new pal is properly fed and trained, you battle other Trainers’ Magikarp, which is not as intense as it sounds – you just press a button to make them jump and see if they leap higher than their rival. Simple, but surprisingly tense.

Jumping contests with fish? See, we told you not to ask questions.

There’s real, actual peril

After some training sessions and jumping contests, you’ll get a cutscene. You’re presented with a 50/50 choice: play it safe or risk your pet’s demise in exchange for some more XP. You read that right – this is life or death stuff.

There’s risk. There’s reward. There are lots of scenes where Magikarp looks confused.

It’s surprisingly touching

Keep training your Pokémon while keeping it out of harm’s way and it’ll eventually reach retirement, which is heralded by a bittersweet, flopping-off-into-the-sunset cutscene. We'll never forget you, Trevor. Never.

Magikarp is counting on you. Don’t mess it up.

    Pokémon: Magikarp Jump