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Looking for a new job? You might not want to shout it from the rooftops, thus making your current employer aware of your aspirations, but there is plenty you can do to improve your chances of landing your dream career.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded LinkedIn. Next, follow these tips to ensure your profile stands out to employers on the world’s largest professional social network.

Look the part

We’d like to think we’re not being judged on our image, but that’s not strictly true.

“Members who include a profile photo receive up to 21 times more profile views,” says Suzi Owens, marketing and communication executive at LinkedIn. “Your photo is your virtual handshake, so upload a photo that aligns with your role as a professional, but that makes you approachable.”

According to Owens, “If you’re sitting up straight, your shoulders are back, you’re smiling and you have open eyes, you’re non-verbally communicating that you’re confident, competent and have a curiosity about the world.”

Show your experience

There’s a fine line between being modest and being overlooked. Don’t be afraid to shout about your experience. According to Owens it will pay off. “It’s essential to add your current position and to list all past experience that may reflect your ability to execute and problem solve,” she says. “Your profile is viewed up to 29 times more if you have more than one position listed.”

There’s no need for this experience to be a drab block of text. “Illustrate your unique professional story and achievements by adding visuals like pictures, compelling videos and innovative presentations,” Owens says. It might seem boastful, but it will help capture the attentions of potential employers.

Fill out your profile

Keeping your profile up to date with all relevant details will make you stand out to those who matter. There are certain profile elements that can have a bigger impact than others as well.

“Your profile is a key part of how people get to know you better, and it helps you connect to opportunity,” Owens explains. “Often, recruiters will use advanced search based on location. Including the city where you are based makes you stand out up to 23 times better in searches.”

“Adding your industry of work also makes you up to 38 times more likely to be found by recruiters,” adds Owens. “Maintaining a relevant list of at least five skills on your profile will help others understand your strengths and match you with the right opportunities.”

Own your individuality

With LinkedIn hosting millions of users across the globe, there’s a good chance that multiple people on the platform have the same name as yours. But there are ways to make yourself to stand out, even if you have a common surname such as Smith, Jones or Patel.

“Create a custom URL,” Owens advises. “A custom URL sets your profile apart and can make it easier to find via search.” If you want to change your custom URL, you’ll need to revert to the desktop version of LinkedIn, but you can view and share your personal profile link in-app within the ‘Contact’ section of your profile.

And with your profile upgraded, you’ll be popping up on employers’ radars in no time.

    LinkedIn: Job Search & News

    Network & Find Jobs For You