Jump up, jump up and get down

Get airborne with this trio of terrific platformers.

Weve been jumping since the dawn of time. But not all of us can do it like London 2012 champ Greg Rutherford. For those of us who are less than athletic, these platform games let you set your own records.

You can really see that the developers have taken the simple act of jumping to new heights (sorry).

Defy gravity

Chameleon Run is a platformer with a neat colour-switching trick. To get to the end of each stage you've got to not only jump – or double jump – at the right time, you've got to switch the colour of your character to match the platform you’re running on. Get into a flow and it feels amazing – you’ll defy gravity so much that you'll have Newton rethinking things.

    Chameleon Run

    Run. Jump. Switch.


Jump with precision

The only way is up! In Digby Jump, what matters is not the magnitude of your leap, but how well you time it. As blocks slide sideways onto the screen, you've got to jump at the right time to avoid them smashing into you – and then keep it up as long as you can. A simple, but super-charming high-score game.

    Digby Jump

    One tap endless jumper


Sprint and jump

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 takes the famously surreal series and somehow makes it even more over-the-top. Your sprinting steed jumps with the grace you'd expect from such a mythical beast, and collecting crystals as you go is the name of the game here. But the real draw is the ludicrous variety of Unicorns, comedy wipeouts and the glorious '80s soundtrack.