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You may have seen headlines heralding the arrival of new seasons of Fortnite, but what does that mean exactly? Is Fortnite like a TV show? Does snow blanket Fortnite’s island in winter, while leaves fall in autumn?

Sort of.

Seasons bring new features, items, modes and other big changes to the game’s island. They don’t affect the goal of Fortnite (to be the last player standing), but they do hugely alter the feel of the game. Read on for a quick primer.

Taking a tour of Fortnite’s floating island in Season 6.

What happens when a new season starts?

A lot. Smaller changes across the island often culminate in world-altering events.

Take, for example, a mysterious object that created gravity distortions as it moved through Season 5 in 2018. Affectionately called Kevin, this purple cube eventually uprooted a massive chunk of earth, creating a floating island for the start of Season 6.

The saga ended explosively in Season 6 when the cube detonated, but not before spawning sinister creatures obsessed with attacking nearby players for a special event called Fortnitemares.

Combat was raised to new heights with the Stormwing plane in Season 7.

Does the game itself change?

It can! Along with altered terrain, new seasons often bring new toys. Planes arrived with Season 7, letting you soar through the sky – and adding a significant new dimension to combat.

Fortnite has also been expanded with new ways to play. Season 7’s Creative mode introduced a totally separate island where you could set up and customise elaborate structures using items plucked from a vast toolbox. It serves as a relaxing break from tense competition (unless you’re into building stressful golf cart obstacle courses).

Season 7’s Creative mode let you build your own Fortnite experience.

How often do seasons change?

Every 10 weeks or so – expect about five Fortnite seasons per year (at its current rate). To nail down the exact date, select the Battle Pass menu option – you’ll find a clock counting down the number of days until the current season ends.

What’s a Battle Pass? And what does it have to do with seasons?

Plenty. At any point, players have the option of purchasing a Battle Pass, which grants access to all sorts of special items. From fancy new outfits to gliders and pets, Battle Passes are full of rewards for collectors, fashion-focused competitors and players who love showing off their unique style. The more you play, the more cool stuff you can unlock.

So what’s coming in the next season?

You’ll have to wait to find out. Fortnite creator Epic doles out clues and playfully teases its audience as the game nears a seasonal switch. One thing’s for certain, however: It will be big.

A complete list of Fortnite tweaks over time likely rivals the Wikipedia entry for the entire historical timeline of London. What else is in store? We can't wait to find out.


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