Create new habits effortlessly.

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Daily reminders & Goal tracker


Want to read one book a month? Cut back on your sugar intake? Bring more exercise and movement into your day? Buddy up with Timecap to make good habits last, and not-so-good ones a thing of the past.

What we love: Setting new routines or putting limits on certain activities is straightforward. You can choose from a selection of habits suggested by the app, as well as create your own: give it a name, colour and cute emoji, then define a time period. Timecap will be with you every step of the way as you work towards your goal.

Timecap helps you seamlessly integrate your habits into your day.

Quick tip: The more consistent you are, the more robust your habits will be. Head to the Stats tab to see your progress including current and highest streaks and successful periods. A subscription to the Prime mode will take you further – depending on the habit, you’ll see information on, for example, how much money you’ve saved or the weight you’ve lost.

Stay motivated with streaks.

Meet the creator: Ziggy Crane originally created Timecap because he couldn’t find an app that allowed him to track the habits he wanted to limit and set specific time tracking. It’s now helping many others establish and stick to good habits and minimise distractions.