Mastering Bloons: Adventure Time TD

Tap to learn game-busting tricks for Finn and friends.

The Bloons are invading, and in Bloons: Adventure Time TD, it’s your job to defeat these inflatable foes. Here are three strategies to show them they’re full of hot air.

1. Earn Your Army

Once you’ve finished the tutorial, your character loadout will be Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Max. This group is strong enough to help unlock your first few additional characters, but who should you go for next?

First, head to the Ice Kingdom and beat both levels to unlock the Ice King, a powerful hero who can freeze, stun and pop Bloons.

Before you face the Fire Kingdom, pick up extra heroes in the Ice Kingdom and Underwater City.

Next you’ll need a tower to help on aquatic maps, so tackle the Pirate in Peril levels in the Underwater City. Completing all three will unlock Captain Cassie, a bomb-hurling rogue you can place on water areas.

From here you’ll be well equipped to tackle some of the more challenging maps, but unlocking characters is just the beginning. Strengthen troops by levelling them up and tracking down special items in adventure chests.

2. Position Your Troops

At the start of a game, think carefully about where to place each character, taking into account their range, attack type and speed.

Finn, a melee tower who swings a short-range sword, works best in tight corners near the beginning of the track. He can damage lots of Bloons in a small area, weakening them so towers farther down the path can finish them off.

Max throws darts and can pop Bloons from a greater distance. He also has a number of upgrades that let him pop any Bloon type – making him one of the most powerful characters in the game. Place Max where he can see as much of the track as possible to give him multiple opportunities to attack.

Princess Bubblegum, a support character, slows enemies with sticky gum. She’s best placed near the start of the track, where she can coat the Bloons before other characters attack them. Given her wide range but slow firing speed, put her in an area where she can focus on small bunches of Bloons.

3. Beat Special Foes

All Bloons are not created equal. As the game gets harder, you’ll need to make mid-level upgrades to deal with tricker enemies.

With money earned from beating waves of Bloons, upgrade Finn so he swings his sword faster and has a Flying Kick.

Camouflage Bloons: these sneaky critters can hide from troops, so be sure you’ve bought an upgrade that lets you pop them. Some good early options are Max’s Enhanced Range, the Ice King’s Wizard Eyes and Princess Bubblegum’s Super Intelligence, which strips the camo layer from the Bloon, enabling other towers to target it.

Lead Bloons: these have a metal layer that can’t be pierced by a normal dart or sword. Try taking them down with early, affordable upgrades like Max’s Hot Tips and Jake’s Mace Hands.

MOAB-Class Bloons: the toughest enemies in the game, MOABs have a superstrong shell you need to pop to reveal the Bloons inside. Finn’s Flying Kick stuns and does extra damage to MOABs, while Max’s Weak Spots upgrade deals extra damage to the MOAB layer. And with Jake, purchasing Tie ’Em Up grants a unique ability that stalls and damages these diabolical adversaries.

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