Race against friends with Mario Kart Tour multiplayer

Get the most for this new feature and challenge rivals from around the world.

Mario Kart Tour

Race around the world!


For anyone who enjoys a casual race with friends or even those who are serious about competing online, Mario Kart Tour’s multiplayer mode brings a whole new level of excitement.

Just select Multiplayer from the game menu, and get racing – here’s how.

Friendly competition

You can start a race with someone nearby, or with friends located anywhere online in the With Friends or Others Nearby section. Tap Create Room and you can select race speed, the number of item slots and whether or not to have computer-controlled (COM) racers. Each race can have up to eight players.

The player name is displayed above the driver, so you can see who is in front of you.

If you want a serious competition, try limiting the number of item slots. If this setting is left as Default, the number of item slots will vary for each driver based on their compatibility with the track. By setting the number of items to be the same for everyone, the race will be much tighter.

You can set your own rules to fit your and your friends’ play style.

You can also set up a race with just two drivers and no computer-controlled racers for a proper head-to-head race.

Serious opponents

Under the Worldwide option, you can enjoy intense races against people from around the world based on your Grade. The Grade is a racer’s skill level – F being the lowest and A (or sometimes S) being the highest. Rank highly in one race and your gade will improve. Finish last and it will go down.

When playing against people from around the world, there are two race types. In Standard Races, your maximum Grade is A, and in Gold Races, it can go up to S. Gold Races are only available to Gold Pass subscribers who really want serious competition.

Cups change regularly – keep checking in to keep up.

Both matches have rules that change daily. Races take place under certain rules such as “100cc / Default item slots” and “150cc / 2 item slots”. Cups change all the time, and the courses vary with each cup. To keep raising your Grade, try out races held with cups and rules that you feel play to your strengths.

Going on single player tours regularly is also important to winning multiplayer races and improving your Grade. By completing single player races, you can level up your characters, karts and gliders, which all carry over to Multiplayer.

As the level of your character goes up, you have a better chance of getting an Item Frenzy, which is triggered when you get the same item in all three item slots. This grants you invincibility and lets you use those items repeatedly.

Battle for first place against racers from all over the world.

Mario Kart Tour’s Multiplayer provides a multitude of fun for both casual and serious racers. So keep some of these tips in mind to hone your skills, and we’ll see you on the track.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Race around the world!