Get your own Nobel Prize!

Perhaps you didn't know, but Nobel Prizes were inspired by Alfred Nobel reading his own obituary. Instead of wanting to be remembered as a 'merchant of death', as the inventor of dynamite was known in his time, he wanted to do something to encourage scientists and artists to improve the world.

So in this spirit of self-improvement, we would like to help you on your way to earn yourself a Nobel Prize with these wonderful apps that will help you get started in the different fields.


The best place to start learning about economics is at home. So track your own spending, make sure you don’t get taken advantage of and teach your kids the value of money.

    Pennies – Budget and Expenses

    The everyday money tracker


    Gimi - Financial Superskills®

    Allowance, savings and chores



    Split expenses with friends



Listen, we know physics is a wide field. So let’s start with the basics: maths. Once you have that done, the sky is the limit. Though, really, why stop at the sky? Let’s go into space!

    Sky Guide

    View Stars Night or Day


    Khan Academy

    You can learn anything



Much like any subject, the best way to start learning about something is to make it about yourself. And what’s more ‘yourself’ than your… well, yourself? Check out every bone, muscle and organ in your body.

    Essential Anatomy 5

    The best-selling anatomy atlas


    Natural Cycles - Contraception

    Hormone-Free Contraceptive App


    Lifesum - Diet & Food Diary

    Meal Planner & Calorie Counter



‘Write about what you know’ is a common, but honestly, terrible piece of advice given to writers. So step out of your comfort zone, read a bit about other people’s lives. Then get yourself a good writing app and go for it. Not really working out? Check out a writing course to get you on track.

    Bookly - Read More Books

    Track & See Reading Stats


    Udemy: 100,000+ Online Courses

    Learn to code, draw, meditate



Of course, chemistry is about more than mixing coloured liquids and seeing cool reactions happening. So start with the basics, but branch out to other places. Like the kitchen! And hey, even if you came here to look for a different kind of chemistry, we’ve got you covered.

    Toca Lab: Elements

    Experiment with science!


    Kitchen Stories Recipes

    Thousands of dishes to enjoy


    Bumble - Meet New People

    Date. Meet Friends. Network.