Love Letter: VSCO's A9 Filter

Professing our infatuation with one stellar photo filter.

Dear VSCO A9 preset,

We’ll never forget the day we met you. VSCO had just released its Minimalist Collection of photo filters, and there you were with your friends—cool A7 and A8, sepia-toned A10.

We opened up to you, sharing our personal memories, and we knew right away there was something about you: The subtle blue you bring out in everything you touch. Your way of toning down highlights so our photos evoke a simpler time.

A9, we’ve always loved your impeccable analogue style.

You’ve helped us see the world in an entirely new light. Portraits of our loved ones take on a dreamy quality after meeting you (no doubt because of the way you soften skin tones).

You manage to transform the landscapes around us too, accentuating the mystique of a city, and giving verdant surroundings a muted beauty.

Those blues. Those highlights. We swoon.

We’re glad we met you, and we know you’ll be in our life for years to come.


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