Build a winning Brawl Stars team

Be a better brawler with these teamwork tips.

Brawl Stars

3v3 and Battle Royale


Dont let its cartoonish looks fool you. Brawl Stars is a deeply strategic, team-based action game. Though you’ll have plenty of fun simply picking a cool character and running your way up the leaderboards, reaching the heights of Brawl Stars play means understanding how the colourful cast works best together.

Looking to pile up Brawl Boxes? Buddy up with some pals and try out these team compositions for four of the game’s most popular modes with these tips straight from the game’s developer, Supercell.

Gem Grab

Best teams: Pam, Rico and Spike. Poco, Jessie and Barley.

Brawl Stars’ primary mode is all about territory control. Hold the sides and control the middle and you’ll scoop up gems while your opponents foolishly attempt to break through.

The Pam, Rico and Spike combo is perfect here. Spike’s cactus grenades and cactus field Super will keep enemies at bay, as Rico’s ricocheting shots push opponents back. Plus, Pam’s long-range poke damage holds off enemies while her healing turret keeps the team strong.


Best teams: Darryl, Mortis and Poco (new maps). Penny, Brock and Piper (old maps).

Your best bet for Bounty depends a bit on the map. Newer maps allow for close-range combat; the Darryl, Mortis and Poco combo gives you a heavy hitter, a potent assassin and a healer.

Playing on an older map? You might need range, so opt for Penny, Brock and Piper. You can also sub in Colt.

Brawl Ball

Best teams: Tara, Spike and Bull. Colt, Jessie and El Primo.

Success in Brawl Ball isn’t just about good aim; it’s also about busting down walls. Bull is great at that. Tara’s Super will make enemies drop the ball, while Spike’s Super will slow them down as they approach the goal.

    Brawl Stars

    3v3 and Battle Royale