The quantified dad

Track your baby’s all-too-fleeting milestones.

Parenting is the most important job in the world, yet many of us do it in a haze of sleep deprivation and constant coffee consumption. The blur of all the feedings, burpings, more feedings, nappy changes and even (somehow) more feedings makes it difficult to keep track of your baby’s many milestones.

If you’re a new father and feel things are moving too fast, don’t worry: That feeling only lasts about 18 years, and a wealth of apps can help you get a better handle on this precious time.

Think of these as pint-size versions of the helpful tracking apps you use to keep tabs on your steps and spending.

Collecting such adorable data can provide invaluable insights to you and other caregivers.

For instance, if you’re leaving the kids with their grandparents, who are unfamiliar with the feeding schedule, you can authoritatively say, “She’s polishing off a bottle every four hours, so according to my data you can time her feeding for 7pm when you’re watching the news.”

To record the regular and sometimes messy moments in your child’s life – diaper changes, meals, naps, doctor visits and the like – you’ll want BabyTime.

This app knows you’ve got your hands full, so it makes the process of documenting very fast. Simply tap “diaper” to record a nappy change, “day sleep” to capture nap times (and their length) and move on.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, you can specify between pee and poop – and the icons are brilliant.

    BabyTime (Track & Analysis)

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To look ahead to forthcoming milestones, try The Wonder Weeks. It’s the app version of the best-selling child-rearing book, which argues that a baby’s cognitive development in its first 20 months occurs in predictable “leaps.”

Using this theory, The Wonder Weeks helps you anticipate (and track) when your baby starts reacting to strangers, noticing patterns, or giggling when you whinny like a horse (or whatever happens in your house).

Chart each developmental leap, and use the personalised calendar to prepare for the next one.

    The Wonder Weeks

    The Wonder Weeks


So you’ve got cognitive development and bodily functions, but what about milestones like social smiling and sleeping for a miraculous six consecutive hours?

Glow Baby Newborn Tracker offers a startlingly comprehensive checklist of trackable milestones – everything from “Copies sounds” to “Brings objects to mouth” to “Has favourite toys.” The broad range of suggestions can help new parents think outside the box, milestone-wise.

    Glow Baby: Newborn Tracker Log

    Breastfeeding Timer Diaper Log


You can even track your baby’s every move when you’re not in the same room. Cloud Baby Monitor facilitates this during naptimes, workdays, or any other times you’re away, with the help of two iOS devices (an ideal use of your old iPhone).

Set up the first in the baby’s crib and watch a live video feed on the second. It can even alert you if it detects crying, so you can soothe your baby in real time via video or audio – or until you can race home to sing a lullaby in person.

    Cloud Baby Monitor

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