Pimp these rides

Customise your car in these rapid racing games.

Yo Dawg I heard you like cars,” the great Xzibit – from MTV show Pimp My Ride – might have once said, “so I put an edit mode in your racing game so you can customise your ride while you play,” he probably didn’t also add.

Okay, so that meme might be ageing badly but these four racing games certainly aren’t; from slick drag racing to silly slapstick battles, there’s something below for all tastes.

And if you’re feeling creative, each game has comprehensive car customisation options – so you can finally create a vehicular masterpiece even Xzibit wouldn’t dare tinker with.

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing pioneered a mix of quick, simple drag racing and deep, detailed car creation that quite a few others have tried to replicate.

And they're off! Drag racing never looked so shiny.

But we say stick with the masters of the genre; this sequel adds more visual polish, even more cars and a frankly ridiculous raft of customisation options.

    CSR Racing 2

    2019’s Car Racing Game


Road Warriors

You’re a chicken in a dusty Mad Max-style future where the titular Road Warriors race for glory.

There's so much going on in Road Warriors, it's hard to keep up.

And between these ridiculously rapid races, you can bolt all sorts of extra parts onto your ride, making it even faster or more durable. For over-the-top arcade thrills, this is the game for you.

    Road Warriors

    Action-packed racing game


Real Racing 3

Hundreds of millions of downloads, a lot of circuits and officially-licensed cars… you can throw some big numbers around when you’re talking about Real Racing 3.

If you're looking for more of a simulation, look no further than Real Racing 3.

There’s good reason for its incredible popularity; the racing is fast and fluid and the range of options in the garage will keep you tinkering away for months.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

And now for something completely different…

Nothing to see here, just some cats doing battle in chainsaw-wielding vehicles.

From the maker of the classic Cut The Rope, comes this build-and-battle game where you cobble together contraptions designed to tear your opponent apart. Think Robot Wars, but with cartoon cats.

    CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

    Robot Fighting Battle Game