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We think you’ll recognise some of these taxi-related scenarios – we’ve all been there! But what you probably don’t know, is that there a load of hidden features in the Yandex.Taxi app that will solve each one for you.

I’m going home, but not right now 🎉🍾 

If you don’t want to say goodbye to those beautiful people you met tonight, ask them if they’re going in the same direction. You can add different addresses to your Yandex.Taxi request (up to four in total) and you can all go home in one car.

Tap on the + button, to the right of the first address you enter to add more. If you’ve someone at home who might worry about you, use the Share the Route function to let your loved ones know your location and how long it’ll take you to get home.

I’m going home, but not alone 🧜‍♂️🧝‍♀️🧛‍♂️🧞‍♀️

Not ready to say goodnight to your crew just yet? Back to your place then! Ask Yandex.Taxi for a minivan and let the afterparty begin.

I’m at home, though my stuff isn’t 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️

If you forgot anything in the car and you know it happened no later than 24 hours after arriving at your destination, call your driver directly from the app. If more than 24 hours have passed, don’t worry; the app keeps your history for two and a half months and it’s easy to call customer support too (in the main menu of the app).

Mum arrives at 5 a.m. 😱 Who will meet her? 🧟‍♂️

Delegate this to On your taxi order page, in the Comments section under “requirements” choose “Order taxi for another person” and then the correct name from your address book to be sure that person will get an SMS with all the details. It doesn’t matter if they have mobile internet or not, it’s not even necessary to have the app installed; the SMS will be delivered anyway.

What about the kids? 👶🏻

Simply leave a comment when you order your taxi and request child seats if you need them. A specially trained driver will pick you and your little ones up.

I have a pet 🦄

Just leave a note when you request your car and a suitable vehicle will be sent to your pickup location.

I’m going to Tbilisi. Does 🚕 work there?

Yandex.Taxi operates in 298 cities across Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia and Moldova. If you’re on a business trip, don’t forget to ask for a receipt when you book your car by leaving a comment in your order notes.

I’d like to go by taxi, but it’s expensive 💩

Your trip with Yandex.Taxi doesn’t have to be too pricey, as long as you remember a couple of simple tricks.
— Sometimes it’s worth walking 50 metres to cut the distance your driver has to navigate to get to you. If the car needs to make a complicated turn or cross a crowded street, your fare will be higher. The app therefore offers you alternative pickup points on your map when you book.
— If you need a taxi late at night (between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.) on Friday or Saturday, then order your taxi 5–20 minutes before the hour as it is slightly cheaper. For example, at 12.45 a.m. or 12.51 a.m.

What about the traffic!? 🐢

Have you heard of the yellow taxi numbers? If you choose the option “taxi with yellow numbers” when booking, then you’ll go much faster than the rest of the traffic as your taxi will use bus lanes.

Did you enjoy the ride? ☀️

Leave a review and include any tips you may have for other users. This option is available on the app after your journey.

    Yandex.Taxi — online service

    Get a taxi. Fast book a cab.