Immortalise the night

Capture the colours of the night with these three apps.

Day turning to dusk, the soft glow of awakening street lights illuminating the fading skies – it’s a view that often has us grappling at our camera. Here, we recommend a few apps to help you better capture the magic of the moment.

Shooting RAW

The night brings alive dazzling light shows, yet you find yourself poorly equipped to take a photo?

This is where RAW mode reveals its advantages. It captures all the data recorded by the sensor, allowing you to work with a wider range of colours and tones in later editing. And ProCam 7 gives you this choice of RAW file format to shoot with.

Take your shot and don’t worry if it doesn’t perfectly present the view before your eyes. You can return to the file later to correct imperfections like exposure, white balance and other aspects.

The soft focus glow

ProCam 7 also lets you play around with the focus. Perhaps soften the contrast of lights to create a hazy look, or blur out the objects in the background, casting your photos in a whole new glow.

    ProCam 7

    Manual Camera + RAW


Love long exposure

NightCap Camera is the go-to app if you want the wispy light trails possible with long-exposure mode. Whether it’s dynamic light sources you’re after or shuffling crowds, all can be easily captured.

The night light is best captured when you steady your device on a tripod.

The app is easy to use: tap the Star button to open Photo Camera Options then select Long Exposure mode. Tap the shutter button once to start the shot and again to finish.

This mode is great for portraying that ethereal flow of people or traffic. You can also use it to obscure the background and centre focus on your main subject.

    NightCap Camera

    The night and low light camera


Get drawn

Switch up your night perspective by giving Olli by Tinrocket a try.

Turn everything around you into hand-drawn art or animation directly in the app, or import previously taken and edited photos. Swipe to pick your filter and see the transformation.

The app also supports editing tools for adjusting parameters such as brightness and contrast. Experiment with the Detail and Line Weight functions to see the stylistic differences they make.

    Olli by Tinrocket

    Capture living illustrations


Master these apps and you’ll own the night.