Cut through space and time

Instead of watching a film’s hero wander into an obvious trap, or the clueless protagonist pick completely the wrong romantic interest, imagine if we could re-work the story ourselves?

With these games you have that power: change the sequence, play with the timeline, or even add a whole new twist. You’ve got a chance to control the action from the director’s chair. How will your plot play out?

Travel through time

Just before reaching the end of his journey, our brave astronaut is ambushed by a monstrous tentacled alien. You, however, can give him another chance – by turning back the clock. Causality is a game of consequences. Players help our hero solve puzzles by manipulating the same event on different timelines.

After a few levels, past and present collide: players have to work with the spaceman’s past and present selves in order to keep advancing. This will result in the inevitable – a time paradox. You must figure out how to get your astronauts – or any astronaut – through the puzzle, and then deal with the logical contradictions that all of your time fiddling has caused. Good luck wrapping your head around that!


    Time-bending challenges


Scenes without borders

Much like a spy comic brought to life, Framed 2 unfolds in storyboard form. The first page presents two characters skulking between frames. But things don’t have to play out the way they’re laid out. With drags and drops, players can switch the frame order to change outcomes.

With your intervention, that cool bloke who was about to get mauled by a vicious dog could instead run into a frame with a bicycle and make a last-minute escape.

    FRAMED 2

    A panel swapping comic caper


Cut and splice

A group of adorable aliens are lost on a strange planet. They need to get to their spaceship, but their little legs can’t get them across the hills, cliffs and rivers in between. You can help them by splitting the landscape in half, and re-splicing it to create a new route for these roly-poly rascals.

Splitter Critters’ adorable visuals and soundtrack make for a delightful gaming experience. The only worry you’ll have is keeping these little aliens on the right path.

    Splitter Critters

    Split worlds and save critters