Write a report with Ulysses

From ideas to research, Ulysses has you covered.


The ultimate writing app


Say you’ve got to write a report. You’ve got a lot of ideas and nowhere to keep them, a lot of data but no place to save them. Here’s how writing app Ulysses can help.

Sketch ideas in the inbox

You’ve got an idea, but you don’t know where it fits exactly. Here’s where the inbox comes in handy. Create a new sheet in there until you figure out which group to store it in. The inbox is a great place to sketch ideas without having to organise them first.

The inbox is a great place to keep quick ideas that you can flesh out later.

Save your research from Safari

Ulysses can work as a central database if you do a lot of research online. Simply use the Share extension in Safari to send text and links to Ulysses. For example, if you find useful information on a website, select the text, then click the Share icon on the top right corner. If you haven’t added Ulysses to the Share Menu yet, click on More and add the app first.

Sending the text launches a Share dialogue where you can add additional notes, edit the text and select a group to save it in. Ulysses even appends a link to the website at the end of the text. Click Send and the text snippet will be added as a new sheet.

If Ulysses isn’t available in the Share extension yet, click on More and add the app in the Share Menu tab.

Check your final report

To preview what your report will look like as a PDF or Word document, use Ulysses’ extensive Preview function under File > Preview (or press Shift-Command-P). Try different styles to find the one you like and proofread your text in its final form. Edit the sheet with the Preview window open and you can see the changes happen instantly.

Ulysses’ document styles range from classical to modern, and more can be found on its website.

Ulysses styles range from classical to modern, and more styles can be downloaded from the Ulysses website. You can also customise styles to create a report that’s uniquely your own. To get started, choose Ulysses > Preferences > Styles from the menu bar. Double-click on a style to duplicate it, then double-click the duplicate to edit it in a text editor.


    The ultimate writing app