Gaming’s greatest love stories

Love is never easy, not even in the world of games. But still, these characters show us just how powerful it can be – even when things aren’t going to plan.

Whether it’s the subtle tale of young love, cute and wacky adventures involving spit (seriously) or putting all the broken bits back together, these games will linger in your heart.

Say it with a Spitkiss

Saying “I like you” is hard. Just when you’ve summoned enough courage to actually do it, something gets in the way. For anyone familiar with the inner turmoil that accompanies unrequited love, Spitkiss will hit home.

In this colourful platformer, you’ll be hanging out in the world of SpitKissers, tiny characters who live in the organs of Ymer and who send declarations of love via, well, their spit. With just your finger you can guide the trajectory of all that lovespit, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way.

Characters in Spitkiss hit the person they like with their spit (charming!).

You’ll encounter a maze of walls with thorns and, to add to your woes, love rivals make an appearance. But if you can get to grips with how to successfully manoeuvre your icky sticky spitkisses, they’ll hit their target.

It might seem like an outrageous premise for a game, but the necessity for quick action and accuracy when you lob your lovespit bears an uncanny resemblance to the dynamics of overcoming obstacles in a real courtship.


    Cute and gross love platformer


Picking up the pieces

What would you do if someone you loved was suddenly gone? That’s the dilemma facing poor Kosmo in Love You To Bits, a sci-fi adventure that will pull at your heartstrings for light years to come.

After his robot girlfriend, Nova, explodes in an accident, Kosmo embarks on an adventure across the galaxy to recover the bits and pieces of her.

In Love You To Bits Kosmo must mend his robot girlfriend – and his heart.

His journey is no cakewalk of course. The planets he visits are inhabited by strange creatures and head-scratching puzzles waiting to be solved. Observing little Kosmo overcome every challenge in his way is endearing, and you’ll witness his unwavering love for Nova in the moments of joy he expresses when he finds a piece of her.

This is a deeply immersive visual story that will have you on the edge of your seat, hoping the love between this unfortunate couple can be pieced back together.

    Love You To Bits



It was only a matter of time before some of the greatest love stories found their way onto the App Store. Getting to know SpitKissers and Kosmo and Nova is a heartwarming, emotional rollercoaster and you won’t want to miss a moment of it.