It's a Hollywood thing

Glamorous, mysterious, and breathtaking... Needless to say, we're talking about Hollywood. If you are intrigued already, you'll love these games that offer different takes on showbiz with varying genre dynamics.

Act like you mean it

You know you have what it takes to go from nobody to an A-list celebrity. With these role-playing games, you can prove it to the rest of the world. In Stardom: Hollywood, you have to work hard and play hard: Rehearsing for your acting gigs is important, and so does knowing the right people in the industry. Make a name for yourself in Los Angeles and beyond with Hollywood Story or go back to college (and that sweet rivalry) with Hollywood U: Rising Stars.

    Stardom: Hollywood



    Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

    Episodes of Romance & Drama


    Hollywood U: Rising Stars



Keep your focus

All that glitters is not gold -and these mysterious puzzle games taking place in Hollywood are proof for that. Help detective Kate Grey find a missing movie star in Adventure Escape: Starstruck or team up with Frances and Roy to solve a murder mystery in Hidden Object: Hollywood Crime. Alternatively, enjoy the new twist to room escape games as we know them with Hollywood Escape. Remember; in order to succeed, you have to pay attention to every single detail!

    Adventure Escape: Starstruck

    Criminal Case & Hidden Objects


    Hidden Object :Hollywood Crime

    Find And Spot Crime Case Cue


Run the city

An infinite runner game taking place in... Hollywood? We’ll take it! In Hollywood Rush, the path to fame is full of weary burdens where you, as a starlet in the making, run from the paparazzi on the streets of Los Angeles. Dodge the flashing lights and unleash your star power -it's your time to shine!

    Hollywood Rush

    Escape the Paparazzi