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More and more photography enthusiasts are turning to their iPhones as their go-to cameras. But before our creations make it to social media, most of us take a photo and then copy it to our MacBook to shop it for lens correction, perspective and other tweaks.

Though photo transfers are relatively quick and easy, you still need to copy them back and forth to get the right edit.

This is where SKRWT simplifies things.

Pictured is SKRWT

SKRWT is a tool that corrects common lens and perspective distortion. For example, if you take a picture of a skyscraper from the ground, it will appear thinner the higher it goes. The wider the angle of your lens, the more distortion you get.

SKRWT can fix that.

There’s no need for technique.

Load a photo into the app and it corrects for horizontal and vertical lines to grid and any distortions. The scrolling toolbar below makes adjustments even easier.

Highlight the hidden lines and symmetry of our everyday world.

SKRWT editing functionality covers all your bases. The auto-cropping feature is a fantastic example - it automatically edits out any extra areas for the best composition.

Of course, you can also decide to freely edit any part you like.

For added compositional freedom, two in-app extensions are available to SKRWT users: MRRW is a cool mirroring tool that allows for symmetry along a vertical or horizontal axis, while 4PNTS lets you transform, skew and enhance any four points in your image.

SKRWT gets surprising results.

That’s only part of how SKRWT gives your iPhone’s photo editing a big boost. Try it out – all it takes is a little tweak to get a brand new perspective on things.


    Photo & Video