Minecraft's best block parties

The best worlds to explore with friends.


Create, explore and survive!


Minecraft players just keep on surprising us. If it’s not building elaborate Beetlejuice-themed rollercoasters, they’re crafting all of Game of Thrones’ Westeros or making a completely accurate model of Denmark.

The team at Minecraft creator Mojang has seen it all – so we asked them what their favourite multiplayer worlds are right now. These picks are all playable when purchased with Minecraft Coins from the Worlds menu within the in-game store.

World of Horses

Explore a vast world on horseback, with a few chums.

“Pick a mighty steed from the stables and explore the breathtaking wilderness,” says Matthew ‘Moesh’ Dryden of Mojang.

“No matter where you go, there’s a different path to ride, and as with many Minecraft experiences, this trail is best travelled in the company of friends.”

Infinity Dungeon EX

This one auto-generates a huge, complex new dungeon every time. Amazing.

“Honestly, I’m not sure exactly how it works, but this generates a new dungeon complex every time, each containing a different challenge,” says Mojang’s Owen ‘Bopogamel’ Jones. "The ultimate goal is to hunt the items within its labyrinth, feed them to the Infinity Core and, hopefully, escape – but along the way there's parkour, combat and logic puzzles. It's super-fun and a technical marvel."

Ultimate Pig Race

Race against friends. On pigs.

“Pig racing may be under-appreciated as a Minecraft sport, but there is nothing here but sweet skills and sick jumps,” says Mojang’s Marc Watson.

“This map has six different racing tracks and a variety of holiday-themed power-ups to pick up – play solo to beat your best time and earn some shiny medals.”


    Create, explore and survive!