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Infltr - Infinite Filters

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#NoFilter? #NoChance! Filters are a staple of modern photography with both enthusiastic amateurs and seasoned professionals often refusing to share their shots without first giving them a quick enhancement.

As well as being easy on the eye, they can unlock new depths and details within your shot. So why settle for the same handful of tried-and-tired options offered up by your social network of choice? And why wait until after you’ve captured a shot before bringing it to life with a filter?

These are the questions that developer Philippe Levieux asked himself back in 2015. Questions that drove him to create photo-editing app Infltr and ultimately change the face of photography.

Instead of restricting you to a selection of impressive but ultimately limited filters, Infltr opens up your images to infinite possibilities. And while infinite filters might sound more than a little overwhelming, the app makes things easy, letting you simply swipe your finger across your shot to make instant tonal adjustments and balance tweaks.

What really sets Infltr apart, however, is that you don’t have to capture your image before applying these image overlays. Instead, you can create photo filters in real time and preview them before taking your picture.

“My original idea was infinite filters before you’ve taken your shot,” Levieux explains. “Why would you bother editing your photo if you could already capture the perfect shot with your favourite filter applied?”

Despite solving such a big problem, Infltr wasn’t an idea years in the making. Instead, it was a solution birthed from a simple lightbulb moment.

“I remember when the idea for Infltr came to me,” Levieux tells us. “I was swimming and realised there are so many photography apps already on the market but they only offered a very fixed set of filters. I thought there must be another way.”

“I realised I could generate filters in real time and make it infinite. I remember mapping the algorithm in my head while swimming and then quickly rushing home. Six or seven hours later I had a very basic working prototype. I was very excited. No one else had done this before.”

In the years that have followed, Levieux has evolved Infltr into a well-rounded photo editor. It now features more than 20 distinct editing tools to further elevate your photos and doesn’t restrict its image-unlocking abilities to standard, static shots.

Infltr is currently the only app that lets users filter their photos, their videos, their Live Photos, their animated GIFs and their Portrait Photos so that they can edit background and foreground independently,” Levieux explains.

As well as being able to create your own image-specific filters, Infltr also lets you pick from a far broader array of pre-existing options than you’re probably used to. And some of these have been created by users like you.

“We have a few creative collections of filters and we have worked with some of our core users to create,” Levieux explains. “When users share images and hashtag Infltr we look at it and sometimes ask them if we can feature it within the app.”

Not content with having found one substantial way to unlock the power of your photos, Levieux has been working hard on a new feature that will transform your photos by replicating any real world art style.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a year and a half and now it’s actually working,” says Levieux. “The results are very exciting.”

    Infltr - Infinite Filters

    Create Your Own Personal Style