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Beat2Phone system consists of a proprietary heart monitor device that measures a one lead ECG, heart rate, and posture of the person. The heart monitor applies an easy-to-use heart belt accessory with fixed electrodes. The default ECG lead is non-standard, but it is the one commonly used in heart belts for athletics. The monitor electronics transmits the digitized signals via Bluetooth into a smartphone or a tablet. With the Beat2Phone smartphone/tablet application the signals are displayed and analyzed in real time. The signals are also stored into the SD card of the phone/tablet and cloud server for a later analysis. The phone/tablet makes it possible to transmit the data further via internet practically in real time.

The heart monitor device is powered with a rechargeable battery that allows a 24h operation when fully charged. The heart monitor can be used in moist and sweaty conditions.

Presently, devices with iOS 9.0 or higher are supported. The following signals can be shown and analyzed in real time with the Beat2phone application software:

* ECG (mV)
* Heart rate (beats per minute)
* Heart rate variability, Root-Mean-Square-of-Successive Differences (RMSSD, milliseconds)
* Xyz posture signals (m/s2)
* Histogram of the heart rate over the recording session

Beat2Phone application software makes the analysis of all signals (ECG, heart rate, Root-Mean-Square-of-Successive-Differences (RMSSD), and posture) easy. In addition semiautomatic P, PR, QRS, ST, and QTc duration computations are implemented. The application software computes of the duration of the P wave and QRS complex, as well as PR, ST, and QT intervals from a chosen heart beat ECG period after the user as pointed the onsets of P wave and QRS complex and end points of P-wave, QRS complex and T wave.

Beat2Phone application software supports the exercise ECG recording and monitoring of ECG and other cardiac signals during sports activities.

For outdoor sports the following data is obtained:

* Instantaneous, average, and maximum heart rate
* GPS location: latitude, longitude, altitude
* Time travelled
* Distance travelled
* Instantaneous, average, and maximum speed
* Stride rate, cadence


Versión 2.4.2

Käyttöohje uudelle Beat2Phone ECG sensorille



VitalSignum Oy
34.1 MB

Requiere iOS 9.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Información médica y de tratamiento frecuente/intensa
Esta app podría utilizar tu ubicación aunque no la tengas abierta, lo cual puede consumir la batería de tu dispositivo.


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