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Safely connecting California communities.
Chat/Share/Cannect with verified adults.
Search map and get helpful notifications.

Your location is verified by area code.
If med marij. is allowed where you live
join and become a verified member to -

Add questions and replies in Chat forum.
Post info/how to instructions with picture.

Cannect privately or in groups of members.
Send text, pic, video, voice, pic of location.
Show your real-time location to contacts.

Add/edit your profile details and visibility.
Share with your followers or all members.
Like, follow, comment, create hashtags.

Read California marijuana laws below

California Prop 215 (1996)

Cannabis patients can grow/share 100 sq.ft.
Up to 5 can collectively cultivate 500 sq.ft.
You must be 18 or older to be a patient.

California Prop 64 (2017)

Solidifying an essential seasonal Cali crop.
Cannabis cultivation's been fully protected.
Age 21 can grow/share up to amount below.
6 plants
28 grams
1 gram of concentrate

Always verify age/medical marijuana card.
Shipping (any distance/amount) is illegal.
Sharing makes medicine more available.

Help fix 100 yrs of abuse to our ecosystem.
Discover and share our most useful plant!
Please share responsibly.

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