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Take your performance to the next level with the Granite Nutrition Carb Cycling App!

What is the Carb Cycling App?

It is a Nutritional Calculator that calculates your daily macronutrient needs based on the following criteria:
-Body measurements such as height, weight, age, body fat %
- Your goal, whether it is to cut for the preseason, maintain during the season, or bulk in the off-season.
- The workload for the day. Whether it is a rest day, a day when you hit the iron hard, or anywhere in between this app has you covered and will adjust accordingly.

What to Eat & When to Eat It

You probably already know the importance of properly timing your meals around workouts but it is so time consuming sitting down to calculate and write down your meals for the day. What happens if you workout first thing in the morning one day, then in the afternoon the next? Your meal plan should change with your schedule, right? Don't worry, the Carb Cycling App will calculate your meals accordingly based on the scientific formulas of nutrient timing. All you need to do is enter what time you woke up and when you plan to workout and your meal plan will change accordingly. You can then select food items from our approved list of foods and BOOM!!! It will let you know how much to measure out to meet your macronutrient needs. We even have food items categorized as workout protein and workout carbs so you can add them to your workout drink to hit your target macronutrient intake.

What does this mean for you?
- You don't have to painstakingly track your food anymore.
- No more guessing. You will know how much to eat and when to eat it.
- It saves time, so you get to spend more time working on that BOD and less time doing math.

The Carb Cycling App is your nutrition coach in your pocket!!

What You Get

FREE version:
In the free version it will allow you to test drive and use the app in the maintenance phase for free. You can view your meal plan and select food items to eat throughout the day but the premium features aren't available unless you UPGRADE to Carb Cycle Pro.

Carb Cycle Pro:
For a ONE TIME purchase you get the following Awesome features:
- Access to all diet phases which includes a Basic Bulk Phase, Advanced Bulk Phase, Maintenance Phase, Basic Cut Phase, and an Advanced Cut Phase.
- Further customization of the calculator. You will have the ability to change your preferred amount of protein and carbohydrates to consume based on your body mass. Also, you can calibrate the diet to work even better for you by adjusting total daily caloric intake.
- The ability to send your macronutrient and body measurement data to the Health app so you can track your progress.


Versión 1.7.5

*minor bug fixes


Granite Nutrition LLC
19.4 MB

Requiere iOS 8.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone y iPod touch.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. Carb Cycle Pro $199.00


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