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NOTE: Hardware is required to use this app.

Core helps you build your inner strength with the most immersive meditation experience out there. Set up your Core Meditation Trainer with the app, drop in, and go. This is meditation you can feel, guided by vibrations and audio. Follow your progress with stress-level tracking and other biometric data insights.

Go premium and stream on-demand classes from our San Francisco studio. New meditation sessions are added weekly, so you never get bored. Follow along with our favorite instructors to stay inspired and centered. Life happens - our team is here to help you keep showing up for yourself.

Our free library includes soundscapes, guided Core Work meditations, and breath training. This is meditation like it’s never felt before, with dynamic vibration guidance, plus focus and calm level tracking.

See how you measure up, with these metrics:

Training - Making meditation a part of your regular routine helps train your brain to respond to it, and unlocks numerous health benefits.

Calm - Calm is represented by the dominance of your parasympathetic nervous system. We measure this based on your heart rate and its variability over time (HRV).

Focus - Core measures how much time you spend in this state by the pattern of your heart rhythm. It’s possible to be both calm and focused, at the same time, in a meditation session.

Core will also integrate with Apple HealthKit to share Mindful Minutes and read data to improve the accuracy of your biometric insights.

Core pulses alongside your meditation sessions. Depending on the type of session, the vibrations will guide you in learning Breath Training techniques or serve as a gentle reminder to help focus your attention.

Core offers two auto-renewing subscription plans:
$9.99 per month
$59.99 for one year (just $5.00 a month)

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Versión 1.7.1

This release includes a couple of small improvements.
- We updated the way we handle image downloading and caching, for more responsive loading of the “Explore" tab.
- Users will now be notified when their subscription to Core Premium is expiring.


Core Wellness, Inc.
52.8 MB

Requiere iOS 12.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Compras dentro de la app
  1. Monthly Core Subscription $199.00
  2. Annual Core Subscription $1,189.00


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