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This application emulates the Time Circuit Panel, similar to installed into the DeLorean Time Machine, an invention of Doc Brown, the key character of one of the best movies of 80th (you know, which one - "Back To The Future").

It's not just a mock-up, but a functional timer device. "Present Time" displays the current system time of your iPhone or iPod (could be a nice stylish digital clock for your car), "Last Time Departed" is the time when you started the application for a last time.
"Destination Time" is the time when the application will give a signal - electronic alarm sound.

On iPhone, you can enable the "88MPH Time Travel Simulation" option. After that application uses the built-in GPS to check your current speed. When it reaches 88 MPH application plays some sounds and switching the "Present Time" to your "Destination" - like you just jumped over the time. Application "come back" automatically after several seconds.
Please note and take this VERY SERIOUS -speed of 88 MPH is ILLEGAL on the MOST of the public roads. Double check this before your experiments and always keep the safety.
This feature will not work well on iPods and not-3G iPads - the real hardware GPS chip is required.

On the "Time Distance" screen you can see the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks between Present and Destination time. This screen is available by tapping the "DIST" label.

You can change the "Destination TIme" by tapping the screen slightly above or slightly below the digits. Keypad to enter the Destination time available on tap on the Destionation time numbers. Enter "05" for March, "06" for June, etc. "0" and "1" sets the AM/PM time.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality, there is a big chance they will be implemented in next release. Please forward your requests to email address.


Versión 4.1.9

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- Tested on latest iOS version;

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7 calificaciones

7 calificaciones

Kal El 76 ,

No sirve no emula el viaje en el tiempo

La versión anterior estaba mejor, estaba el Capacitador de Flujo instalado y servía, podías ir a cualquier época como en la película Back to the Future, ahora no sirve solo te deja introducir la fecha de destino y no hace nada más

BatVr6 ,

No funciona!

En mi iPhone 6 con iOS 9.0.2 NO FUNCIONA! Abre y se cierra de nuevo, ya la re instale reinicie y nada

KueyGon ,


Apesta, se cierra quiero mi dinero

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