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Introducing Endless Paper, an all-new kind of app featuring an infinite canvas which lets you take handwritten notes, create immersive art pieces, explore and grow ideas visually, and so much more…
Deliberately simple yet powerful, incredibly fast, Endless Paper is as natural to use as pen & paper without the limitations of physical media.

Whether you are a student taking notes, an artist wanting to explore uncharted territories, or a manager brainstorming on your next project, Endless Paper is a versatile tool to help you think and communicate visually.

• A truly infinite canvas
• Ultra-crisp drawings at any zoom factor
• Create vast and expansive universes while occupying a minimal storage footprint
• Bookmarks to quickly navigate your canvas
• Drag and drop pictures from basically any app, including images with transparency
• Broadcast a live version of your canvas to the web
• Unlimited undo and redo
• Data integrity: continuous auto-save coupled with an archiving system
• An interaction model that minimizes error and cognitive load
• Designed and optimized for iPad and Apple Pencil
• Powered by Fractile: Metal-accelerated, 64-bit vector rendering engine

If you've been itching to know the techniques employed in creating the fascinating infinite zoom videos that are trending on social media, your search is over. Endless Paper's infinite canvas challenges you to think beyond isolated artworks, empowering you to weave an expansive tapestry of interconnected stories told in a new long-form format that extends beyond panels. For the first time ever, artists have the ability to accumulate a lifetime's worth of creations into one cohesive masterpiece. It liberates you from the constraints of traditional media, while still delivering a drawing and painting experience that closely resembles traditional methods.

Have you ever started sketching an idea only to find out you won't have enough room to finish? Problem solved.
But here's the secret perk: Endless Paper let's you organize your content spatially. Everything in its right place. You can focus on the minute details of your project and quickly step back to see the big picture. It gives a sense of place to your work without artificial separation between documents. Every capability available at the document level seamlessly extends to any level. It all just works in a surprisingly consistent way.

Endless Paper is designed to be natural to use. But this is no purposeless minimalism. Interactions are as simple as possible in order to minimize errors and cognitive load. This lets you dedicate 100% of your brain to the task at hand. Interactions feel second nature, especially important in stressful situations or when you hand over your iPad to someone who has never used the app before.

The tailor-made Fractile vector rendering engine delivers an unparalleled level of performance: Whenever you are panning, zooming or writing, you always get ultra-crisp, retina quality, vector rendering at a silky smooth 120 fps, even with millions of strokes simultaneously on screen.
Canvases accumulating years’ worth of drawings and notes will open instantly. No sweat.
It all participates in an almost unreal, magical experience.

Embark on your endless journey today, and don't hesitate to connect with us at support@endlesspaper.app or simply use the integrated "Email Us" function for any questions, suggestions, or ideas to enhance Endless Paper.
We are dedicated to assisting you and truly appreciate feedback!

Artworks by @gregcicle, @the.ogarno, @vaskange, @ty_tyler_art_work, @digitalbobert, @pabloandrespozo and @codiesimpsonart.


Versión 1.4.5

This version brings more improvements to the stroke rendering quality, as well as a few minor bug fixes and new messages to alert you if you don’t have enough storage space or if the auto-saving process has been compromised.

Calificaciones y reseñas

5.0 de 5
2 calificaciones

2 calificaciones

carajuco ,

Buena app

Hay que tomar en cuenta que para usarla se necesita el Apple Pencil, también funciona ciertos lápices, menos los que tienen como punta de métal, Logitech crayón también funciona.
Es estable, fácil de usar, espero pronto se pueda guardar en algún formato aunque sea incrustado con la web para poder compartir con otras personas las creaciones, yo en lo particular lo compartiría con mis alumnos.
El soporte técnico es muy bueno también
Sinceramente espero lo sigan actualizando pues es una excelente app

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

¡Hola! Muchas gracias por su comentario.
You can now use our app even without an Apple Pencil :)

L...........4 ,

Love it

I love it, it does what it says perfectly, and it is a great app for thinking and really whatever you can come up with or imagine doing. Calendar, etc. I almost bought my Ipad because I saw this app existed, and I’m very happy It would be great if you could add a few things though. For example: - More canvases, because it would give me a sense of, “I have all this space for only this purpose, and knowing I can delete the whole thing gives a sense of peace, Also knowing that I can be free of doing whatever without ruining my other notes or things. Which I have done. As it is right now it is not very goog for keeping a journal for example, or anything that I would like to be safe and be able to go back to it without risking doing something to it. - A way to organize your bookmarks - A selection tool to move around text. Or change its size - Instructions! I sometimes do a gesture with the pencil that undos what I did, And I can’t find how exactly I’m doing that. Or had a hard time finding how to import pictures. An I just discovered the customization options that come up when you pull the toolbar even further. Couldn’t find any manual Thank you for this great app

Ahshdnfhen ,


Yo suelo dibujar con mis dedos y se me hace injusto pagar un precio tan excesivo de la aplicación para que sea forzoso usar un Apple Pencil para poder hacer uso de ella 🇲🇽 // I usually draw with my fingers and it seems unfair to me to pay such an excessive price for the application so that it is necessary to use an Apple Pencil to be able to use it 🇺🇸

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