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Our Explorist VR is the fastest, most visually immersive way to explore your continuously expanding virtual universe.

Our Explorist VR is the fastest, most visually immersive way to explore your continuously expanding virtual universe.
We have designed our app to allow Immersive Content from any digital creator to be displayed in full virtual reality or video format. Journey inside Museums, Galleries, Municipal Buildings, The Kremlin Wall or your new local restaurants BEFORE YOU VISIT; From your favorite chair you can explore interesting places like old bunkers and abandoned mansions; or dream up your own adventures and submit your own content! We use big data to make sure every experience matches what you’ve chosen for exploration (format) on both desktop browsers and smartphones everywhere online, offline, fast--and free.

The Explorist VR App will blow your mind. Matterport virtual tours, Videos, Maps, 360° panorama images and other digital content shows you a fully dimensionally accurate virtual space, exactly what you will find in real life. It’s perfect because virtual reality can't lie to you!
With virtual tours, videos and pictures plus immersive media, the adventure of a lifetime is as easy as clicking a few links on your iPhone.
Time stands still when we visit cultural monuments, museums, galleries, culinary destinations like Michelin starred spots and exclusive wineries in the heart of Europe, indulging virtually with world travelers at grand hotel pools - and we can’t use Photoshop!

The following features are available in this exciting new app. Explore venues based on your location or scroll for a name that peaks your curiosity. You can watch a short video, explore a virtual or two, book reservations, hotels, buy tickets, find directions or shop their online store. You can currently find four museums, ten restaurants, fifteen outdoor nature spaces, high rise private clubs, big name stores, local businesses.

If you are a business this application will help you connect with your customers DIRECTLY, and eliminate the third party grifters taking as much as 30% of your sales


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